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  1. [Help] Front & Rear Axle Fluid Changes....

    Dude, use the Valvoline oil that comes in the little squeeze bag. Makes changing the fluid easier. You're not going to end up with a definitive answer here. You can use 75/90 or 75/140. My manual says 75/85 I think it is and Dana specifies 75/140 so it really doesn't matter.
  2. Curious about the 3.2 vs. 3.6 Oil Specs

    I haven't seen anything to support running anything other than 0w20. Just the way it is. Unless people start racing with 3.6 pentas and discovering modes of failure directly related to oil viscosity, anything anyone says on oil viscosity for these is hearsay. Sorry to all the 5w30 drum beaters.
  3. 6MT 3rd Gear Power Interruption

    37,000 miles on my 22 now and it almost never happens anymore. Naturally, as I learned the 3.6 powerband, I started getting deeper into the RPMs in 2nd gear before shifting to 3rd. It just works better. Whatever it is, it's something programmed by Jeep: fueling, throttle plate position, cam...
  4. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    Welp, it's a glitch in the matrix. I only got 1. Wife's car needs the oil change anyways so it was still worth my time.
  5. Wow!! Anyone need 5W-30? **EXPIRED**

    Thanks for sharing. I'll never have to buy oil again for my wifes car, haha.
  6. Service Transmission - Manual

    This has been a common issue on jeeps with the recall performed. Just check the Facebook recall group and you'll see. Some sort of software issue.
  7. New truck - Engine noise, video included

    Is anyone in the vehicle manipulating anything? Sounds like the brake booster noise mentioned here in other threads.
  8. 6MT 3rd Gear Power Interruption

    Yeah idk why it does it but it's fairly consistent. I also get another one when the cams change over at 2700rpm-ish. I just think it's not a smooth transition depending on accelerator pedal position, but it seems common enough that I don't worry about it. Soon after getting more familiar with...
  9. Painting the Rotor Face

    For the love of God, someone throw some dirt onto that wheel well!
  10. "Service Transmission" warning on 2023 Manual Transmission

    Check the Facebook group. Several posts about that happening post-recall.
  11. Question for the Sport Gang

    I can't definitely see a Couple Twinkies, maybe a Twix, or a handful of Zyn pouches for that area.
  12. Fair price for Falken Wildpeak AT3s with 20k on them

    You can get almost brand new Rubicon takeoffs (Tires+wheels) for $700 or $800 around here. 700 for 20k used tires, one with a parch in it, is too high. Just the way used tire market is.
  13. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W | NOW Available at DTC

    Same construction as at3w with 3ply instead of two? I don't know if this is common or not but the way the at3w is constructed is read below:
  14. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    Didn't realize the new taco was only 6500. I'm surprised as I think k it has like 400 something torque from the iforce max engine.
  15. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    Why not fix those items? None of those sounds that bad. My Ranger was a genuine, documented, piece of garbage. The JT clutch issue is a little pathetic but otherwise I've been extremely happy with my Jeep. If mine got totalled tomorrow however, I'd probably go look at the new Canyon or a manual...
  16. Gladiator sales down 22% in 4Q, 29% overall in 2023

    I had a 5G Ranger that was a PIECE. OF. CRAP. Had many issues, the trans being one of them. I really just wanted a manual truck and the Jeep was a good option for me so I got rid of the ranger after 8 months. The way the Jeep looks and the top coming off is mostly cool factor for me. I don't...
  17. Fellow Jeep enthusiast and family could use some help...

    Threw a little something. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Steering wheel play - normal or not?

    @Badunit appreciate the detailed response. I've always felt that it's likely normal but being my first vehicle that doesn't have rack and pinion, I wondered that maybe it wasn't and I'd never know. I did a little experiment where I moved the wheel back and forth like shown in the video while I...
  19. The clutch recall was recalled?

    There are a few people on the Facebook group who have said the same thing after getting the recall performed. I wonder what's changed.