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  1. Yet another goodbye

    I’m still creeping this forum. It’s much more active and interesting than the 5th gen ram one. The ram one isn’t bad, plenty of good info, but it isn’t the same.
  2. Yet another goodbye

    The Mod addiction has not went away with getting a 1500. Already added a small lift, new rims, new tires, flowmaster, removed the front air damn... The stance is looking really nice now. I miss the uniqueness of the Gladiator, but I am enjoying the ride the of the Ram. My wife's Bronco is seeing...
  3. Yet another goodbye

    Rebel is my favorite too, but no middle front seat option. So I had to rule it out.
  4. Yet another goodbye

    Thanks! Although I still find myself on this forum almost every day. I still enjoy the Gladiator talk, even though I don’t have one. Lol
  5. Yet another goodbye

    It is a 1500 crew cab with the 5.7" bed.
  6. Yet another goodbye

    My wife did not mind driving my gladiator. She has a new ford bronco, which she totally loves driving. I preferred the gladiator, but the bronco was the weekend family vehicle, when we had both. Now the ram is the family vehicle. Especially on long trips. It’s just so roomy, quiet, comfortable...
  7. Yet another goodbye

    I didn’t realize it was a hybrid. It does look like it gets 25city/25highway. So stand corrected. I don’t know why there are not more hybrid options like yours. It gets great MPGs.
  8. Yet another goodbye

    your right about all three producing good and bad products over the years. It really depends on what gen and model we are talking about. Not a full size truck, but I bought a 1999 GMC Sonoma that was a total turd sandwich. My father bought a Chevy Silverado a couple years later and it was a...
  9. Yet another goodbye

    24.5 mpg is higher than the highway mpg. He’s probably getting 18 mpg towing. ;) I’ve learned to ignore people’s claims of mpg. They always seem to easily get the highway mpg, while I’m struggling to get the ciry mpg numbers.
  10. Yet another goodbye

    I agree I made the better purchase. But on paper, the ford has better MPG, max payload, and max towing. But the MPG is only 1mpg better and of course the rest all depends on trims and packages. The RAM interior sold me. I have never owned a vehicle with such nice interior.
  11. Yet another goodbye

    yeah, I didn’t mind the exterior look of the Chevy, but the interior just looked dated. I know the owner of my local Chevy dealership too, so I really wanted to like it. I would have easily Gotten a great deal on it. It took a while to find a good deal on my RAM. Some dealerships would not budge...
  12. Yet another goodbye

    Like I said, the f150 out specs the ram for sure.
  13. Yet another goodbye

    Ford was my second choice. But They don’t make it easy to figure out tow capacity of individual trucks at the dealer. With ram, you just plug in the vin on the ram website and boom, the tow capacity and payload are listed. Plus, I couldn’t find any fords with nice features and the middle front...
  14. Yet another goodbye

    It’s great to have, just ok to use.
  15. Yet another goodbye

    I considered a power wagon. But I wouldn’t fit in my garage and didn’t need all that tow capacity. Plus I couldn’t afford it. Lol.
  16. Yet another goodbye

    Im towing a grey wolf 26dbh. 6k dry. I was maxing out my jt with it. I wouldn’t load it with much and always kept the tanks dry. Now I can actually bring everything I want, like a portable smoker. It’s less stress for sure. I held the change off for a long time because I love the jt.
  17. Yet another goodbye

    We have two small dogs that both fit in the front seat. It works out great.
  18. Yet another goodbye

    oh yeah, I’m already day dreaming about my next Jeep. I think I’m the future I’ll try and keep the full size truck and have a jeep as my daily. I just can’t afford that at the moment.
  19. Yet another goodbye

    That’s exactly how it feels. The gladiator is still more my style, but the ram will be great for our needs now. I’m enjoying the v8. It sounds so nice.
  20. Yet another goodbye

    I should get a little credit for getting a RAM and not a ford or gmc.