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  1. 3/4 or 1 inch spacer for rake correction

    I'm curious why the leveling kits are so popular. I could see if it was an SUV but a truck is supposed to be used to carry weight and as far as I know was the rationale behind FCA giving the Gladiator some rake. I've seen trucks with the nose up sag in the back look but I was never a fan. I'm...
  2. Curious how many of us would have bought a Gladiator with a 392 Hemi

    I think most of us would agree theres no substitute for driving a vehicle with a V8.
  3. Curious how many of us would have bought a Gladiator with a 392 Hemi

    So you're waiting for all electric. What would the range, for you, need to be?
  4. Curious how many of us would have bought a Gladiator with a 392 Hemi

    With all the hype about the Jeep Wrangler 392 Hemi V8, it seems likely FCA is considering one for the JT so I'm curious if this will be a hit. I personally am kind of on the fence if I would have bought a Gladiator if the 392 Hemi had been available, (obviously the added cost plays into the...
  5. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    I would have washed and detailed the truck before brining it in. What you had towed to the dealer looked like it was dredged out a swamp and I'm sure that was an excuse not to cover it. I also wouldn't have gone into details of "plowing through the mud". (I know at this point doesn't help you...
  6. Did you buy your JT because of the bed or for towing???

    Sorry both aspects are equally important. I tow and use the bed. I wouldn't have bought a Gladiator if it couldn't tow my Airstream and I wouldn't have bought a Gladiator if it also couldn't carry gear in the bed.
  7. Gladiator demographics POLL! Why did you buy a Gladiator?

    Jeeps are basically a member of our family. Even my wife grew up driving a CJ-7, as her daily driver. I had been following the fact that jeep was supposed to come out with a truck for about 5 years (listening to rumors, supposed spy photos, etc) so I was all about pulling the trigger as soon as...
  8. LAUNCH EDITION Gladiator JT Club

    Yeah, I've thought about that, as well, however, I have some doubts as to if that would work (mounting to the bed). As I believe there is some flex between the cab and bed. I would prefer to mount the rack directly to the frame, like the JL rack is.
  9. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    Ill have to check that out. That looks like a double axle Airstream so it has to be at least 23' which is over 5k lbs. Ill have to see how well it tows.
  10. 2021 Mojave Gladiator Hamburger's Supercharged Stage II

    Was that with 5.13s and 37" tires? Have you done any tests with towing?
  11. LAUNCH EDITION Gladiator JT Club

    Interesting I hadnt seen this one before. When I was saying cage rack, I guess I'm talking about more of a full cage rack, like you would see on a JK or JL.
  12. Fender liner...help

    I haven't actually found any aftermarket fender liners that work with stock fenders. I think you would have to replace fenders on all four corners with aftermarket fenders and then replace all fender liners to do this mod.
  13. Offroad Camper Top thread

    Pretty sweet. I think that price is reasonable considering the price of the Alu-Cab and the RSI Smartcaps, considering what you are getting. I like the boxy look, as well.
  14. LAUNCH EDITION Gladiator JT Club

    Have you seen any cage racks offered for the JT or would it be custom? I've got the softopper and had the same idea so I'm in the process of having a welder/fabricator build me a cage rack right now.
  15. Took New Gladiator in for wind noise and it came back with scratches

    Mine sounds like I'm going through a drive-thru car wash when I'm on the highway. Always thought that the Gladiator was just loud and thats what I keep telling my wife when she comments about it. Maybe, I should bring it in and ask about a bad seal.
  16. Fender liner...help

    I showed my dealer the shredded inner fender liner and he said that it couldn't be repaired under warranty. And said he had never seen this before. Not sure I believe him.
  17. Bed Rack, Roof Rack, and RTT Recommendations Please

    I had the same question, on this. I don't think you can have a rack bolted to the cab and bed at the same time because the bed flexes a little.
  18. Bed Rack, Roof Rack, and RTT Recommendations Please

    Is there any reason a rack like this wouldn't work on a JT (obviously, with some modifications)..?
  19. So, what is everybody towing?

    Just towed from FL to Yosemite (about 3000 miles). 22’ Airstream about 4100#s dry. Maybe 600 lbs of gear, between the trailer and TV. About halfway through the trip my rear diff sensor warning light came on. Heard this is not uncommon while towing and the dealer will have to replace the entire...
  20. Towing a 23 Foot Trailer

    Just towed my 22’ Airstream, (around 4500#s) across country from FL to CA. I went with the ProPride WD hitch after not using the WD hitch and using one the difference was huge. I was definitely white knuckling it without the hitch when I would get hit with heavy cross winds, the trailer would...