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  1. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Yep haha. It was better for space and convenience to just strap it in as-is! I only needed to go a few miles
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Got to load it up like a true Clampett. Moving from storage to my very own garage. First house is ours!
  3. Leveling kits and body lift kits

    Stock shocks, but the kit came with small shock mount extensions. I will eventually swap everything over to Rubicon takeoff suspension.
  4. After owning my first Jeep, I’ve decided I hate Ohio.

    It’s rough. Right there with you!
  5. Pic request: Sport with Rubicon Takeoffs

    JL Rubi take-offs with factory 33's. I did use a 1.5" front spacer lift to get rid of the rake.
  6. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Started renovating our first house!
  7. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Super easy. Don't break out any tools except a new, clean utility blade. Just cut off what sticks out beyond the bumper. Make one pass with the knife to score the plastic and then another to easily cut. This will leave the plastic panel in place to cover the fog light bulbs, but get rid of the...
  8. Replacement sub

    Anyone have experience with swapping out the factory Alpine sub with a better unit? The factory one isn’t bad, but could be way better.
  9. Sport S w/ 37" tires and Mopar Lift - Pricing and question

    1) It is ALWAYS cheaper to source your own aftermarket parts and install shop than the dealer. Always. 2) 37's will make it feel like you're towing, even when you aren't. You may want to wait for a diesel Gladiator if towing is part of your plan. I can say that my Sport S with just 33" upgraded...
  10. Tuners for Manual Transmission

    Why get better throttle response and get power gains? Because the throttle response is awful and Gladiator's are terribly under powered. I have owned many Jeeps in the past and this is the worst for being underpowered, except for my 4 banger YJ back in the day. I am not looking for a sports...
  11. Tuners for Manual Transmission

    I can't seem to find out what options there are out there that will help manual trans Gladiators with the standard 3.6 V6. I'd like to improve throttle response and get some power gains, but almost everything I see talks about gains for automatics, mainly. Have you guys had experience with the...
  12. Cleaning your JT in the winter

    Detailer here - the best solution is to use a rinseless wash inside your garage when it is freezing outside. If you have mud or heavy deposits, take it to a coin wash and rinse it first (bring a dedicated wheel wash bucket with brushes and a mitt to do your wheels while you're here - easier to...
  13. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Congrats! I did the same thing on the 13th of Nov. Our second, too! The wife preferred my Jeep to her Escape SUV. WIN.
  14. Bengals JT

    I thought my dedication as a Seattle Mariners fan was real loyalty - the fact that you did all this for an 0-xx team is devotion!! Respect you for sticking with them in all seasons. Also, Go Seahawks! I'm in Ohio now, but gotta represent the PNW haha.
  15. Vinyl wrap accents

    Also, a quick note for anyone concerned - matte vinyl CAN be waxed/sealed without adding gloss (I'm a detailer). The best product available for the money is Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions, Spray Silicone Sealant. If you want to spend extra money, The Last Coat is even better to work with in terms...
  16. Vinyl wrap accents

    I used matte black plastidip on the grille and added my company decals to the tailgate. I have also cut little accent vinyl pieces around the fender vents, but don't have photos yet. It is amazing how much the black ties into the paint color. You can't even see it a lot of the time - super...
  17. First oil change

    My Sport S 6sp is at 3000 miles, but the oil life says 67%. I’m worried that it’s going to an interval longer than I should go for a first change. Is there a solid answer on mileage for the first service?