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  1. Missouri Ace Engineering Upper Decker (and Tent/Tent Bars?) - Overlanding Rig

    I have an Ace Engineering (before they were bought by Steinjäger) Upper Decker hard, cantilevered tonneau cover that I am selling. It works great - I just want to go in a different direction now with my rig. Before Ace stopped making them, the price got super high on them - but I'm willing to...
  2. Ace Engineering RockSliders and Mud Flaps

    Does anyone have a list of the Mud Flaps that will work with the Ace RockSliders? Specifically, will RokBlokz work (since they are easily removable, too)?
  3. Rotopax Bike Carrier options?

    Has anyone run across a way to carry a bilke using a Rotopax mount, or something similar? For instance, if I got a Yakima rack with sidebars (https://www.yakima.com/sidebar-short-bed), is there a way to put a mount in the rail, or use a Rotopax, to safely secure a Mountain Bike?
  4. Upper Decker (Ace Engineering) Mods and Discussion

    Hey! Thought I'd make a dedicated thread for those of us who have an Ace Engineering Upper Decker, for people to post questions and pictures of their set-up. I installed my Upper Decker a few weeks ago, and am looking at next steps. Currently, I'm waiting for a Yakima OUtpost HD...
  5. Kansas WTS: Factory roll up tonneau cover (Update: Sold)

    Selling a more or less brand new tonneau cover. Came with the Gladiator I bought a few weeks ago. Getting a different cover so this will be off later on this week. Asking ~$350 (local/meet for hand-off). Can ship, but would need to get a box and buyer pays actual costs.
  6. Kansas WTS: OEM Floor Mats (JK)

    Set of barely used Jeep Wrangler Unlimited OEM Floor Mats. Took them out a week after I got the Jeep, and they have been in my garage ever since. Best offer (not looking for much, really). Local pick-up, or you pay shipping.
  7. Kansas WTS: Freedom Panel Storage Bag (JK)

    Have a barely used Wrangler JK Freedom Panel storage bag. Best offer. Local, or will ship if you pay shipping
  8. Kansas WTS: Rubicon Plastic Front Bumper and Skid Plate

    I have a brand new Rubicon plastic front bumper for sale, along with the skid plate and the plastic fairing for the front bumper. Pics attached. This skid plate was on my jeep for exactly 9 days before I put the steel bumper on. No trails. The bumper is brand new (warrantly replacement item...
  9. Rear View Mirror Mount for Radar Detector

    Has anyone found a mount that works on the Gladiator (or JL Wrangler) for a radar detector. SInce the mirror mounting changed so drastically from the JK to the JL, my old mount won't work.
  10. Aftermarket Bed Cover Installation in Kansas City

    Greetings, I'm thinking of ordering the Ace Engineering Upper Decker for my Rubicon (https://aceengineeringandfab.com/collections/gladiator/products/ace-jt-gladiator-upper-decker) However, I'm not SUPER handy and a little leery of drilling into my truck bed (and my wife is SUPER leery of me...
  11. New Rubicon in Kansas City! (5% below invoice)

    Hey all! Long time lurker and learner, and now proud owner of a Gladiator Rubicon. Contacted a bunch of dealers in the Kansas City area for pricing, starting out by telling them I could get 5% under invoice just up the road in Iowa (or Arkansas). Gave them my list of what I wanted - stated...
  12. Superior Jeep (Conway, AR) Ordering?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried ordering through Kim Sims at Superior Dodge/Jeep in Conway, AR. On the Wrangler forums, she was offering 5-6% under invoice for 2019 Wranglers. Haven't seen anyone mention her for the Gladiator though.