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  1. Getting rid of my Gladiator for a Bronco

    Test drove a 23 two door badlands with a hard top. Loved the look, eruption green! First disappointment was the tail gate swings out and not down (reason I got rid of my JK), duel gate functions would have sealed the deal for me. Second disappointment was the interior wind noise even with a...
  2. Throttle control device?

    Sprint Booster. Unbeatable customer support.
  3. Wyoming Hutchinson Wheels, tires, for sale $1800

    You’re KILLING me!!! Smoking price. It would be an epic road trip to pick up from NJ. GLWS.
  4. Rubicon hood vents

    Was also thinking of opening up the vents and cut the insulation to let out trapped heat. On my 2019 ScatPac Challenger it came factory with the heat exchanger hood. Has vents just like my Rubie! Just angled differently. Open to everything falling from the sky, rain, snow…… never once had an...
  5. Paint pens

    Good to see they are readily available again!
  6. So uhh, Borla Attak or Straight Pipe?

    Beach! Trails also, more clearance with tips off, not a ton, but enough for me. But yes to have the dual setup on clearance is a factor. I’ll figure something out, AWE offers a tucked single exhaust pipe option, not interested in that option. Would be nice to have a pipe bender!
  7. So uhh, Borla Attak or Straight Pipe?

    AWE Tread edition dual exhaust. Quality Quality Quantity. Running it for at least a year, still amazed with the sound.
  8. Indiana Combat gunner taillights

    They recommend you don’t. I believe it is for legal issues to deal with their responsibility having to disconnect the factory BSM. It can still be done using a Tazer/or other devices turning BSM completely off. Again these are super sweet, I would have gladly snatched these from you, especially...
  9. Indiana Combat gunner taillights

    Per their website, they don’t. Killer lights though, better design than the other offerings. They are totally serviceable, which to me is key!
  10. Indiana Combat gunner taillights

    Do they have the blind spot monitoring sensors? Thanks. EDIT: Found my answer! GLWS!
  11. Bobbed Shortbed Gladiators at EJS 2024

    Will someone PLEASE bob the cab!!!?
  12. SUMA Ceramic | 20% off (Customer's Reviews)

    ? Door rear view mirrors ?. I pre ordered/paid on your website Friday March 1, can’t wait to get them. Been a while that I’ve been waiting but hopefully they will come in before I go doorless for the summer!
  13. SUMA Ceramic | 20% off (Customer's Reviews)

    Yo how’s about rear view mirror availably? Would love to have a set…….
  14. Best Estwing 26” camping axe mounts

    What mounts did yo use? Thinking of fabbing some Velcro loops or something similar? The axe is the best, I’ve owned it for literally three decades ?! Estwing makes great tools expensive but will last a lifetime.
  15. Best Estwing 26” camping axe mounts

    Looking to mount my 26” Estwing camp axe to the rear bulkhead behind the rear seats. I have had this in every truck for longer than I can remember, great tool! I had it under the seats but it’s getting buried under all the other stuff and would like to have better access. Thanks for any...
  16. Pennsylvania CavFab Crawler Series rear bumper Price drop: $575 > $450

    What ya doing with that rear axle??? ?
  17. I saw this today