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  1. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    I backed into an open spot next to this Diesel Rubicon, looks like a 2” lift and 35’s
  2. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    They are 8.5” wheels
  3. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Its an Evo Enforcer 2.5” lift with 37” tires
  4. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    This nice JT parked behind me yesterday, looks like a 1-2” lift on 35’s with a bedrack and RTT.
  5. Nexen Roadian MTX- tire deal 37x12.5r17

    Probably, they worked well on all the different types of soil, dirt, rocks I took them through between soft sand dunes in the desert, mud and rocks. I had them in snow and icy roads a few times as well. I put in between 80-100 miles commuting each day for work and the sound really got to me...
  6. Nexen Roadian MTX- tire deal 37x12.5r17

    Its been a couple years since Ive run them, but if I can recall may have been 36-37psi.
  7. Nexen Roadian MTX- tire deal 37x12.5r17

    Definitely have to chalk to get the pressure right, with pressure just a psi too high and ya get the harsh ride, a few psi too law and your steering is grabby and washy. Once chalked ya get in the “sweet spot”. But even the best pressure doesnt make them any quieter.
  8. Nexen Roadian MTX- tire deal 37x12.5r17

    I ran them, they are loud and as they wear they get louder. Rolling at highway speeds with top and doors on, windows up, you can count on it being difficult to take or make a phone call. Top off, doors off and highway speeds might want to consider ear protection. They cupped sooner than expected...
  9. Lets see them FLEXED out Jeep's with BIG tires and lifts :D

    This is more stuffed than flexed, is there a thread for that ?
  10. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    Wife and I went to L0wes for some Christmas decorations, came out to find this nice Rubicon with what looks to be a newer Mopar lift with Bilsteins parked behind me.
  11. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    At Superstition today, weather was sublime
  12. Whatcha Sippin On?

    A little sip of Elijah Craig after a wash and wax this afternoon.
  13. Gladiator Glamour Shots

    Anza Borrego last weekend
  14. !?!?!?! Driver Rear Body Mount Bolt

    If you make a tool that will get up there for this purpose….Im sold, I would be most appreciative of it and would love to have it in my tool-box. Please keep me in mind if you come up with something. ??
  15. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Our 1st trip of the season to our local desert.
  16. !?!?!?! Driver Rear Body Mount Bolt

    I dont know how the technician and mechanics did it, but they were able to somehow get the “tacked-nut” into a position to allow the bolt to thread on bit am quite stoked…they didnt have to cut anything open and we have our 1st desert trip of the season uninterrupted. They had me on my way...
  17. !?!?!?! Driver Rear Body Mount Bolt

    Funny thing, that weird saw toothed washer was on my front body mount bolt but not the middle or the rear. I used a cats paw to apply downward pressure while turning bolt counter clockwise to get the bolt out. The middle bolt came out extremely easy compared to the front and the rear. Im at the...
  18. !?!?!?! Driver Rear Body Mount Bolt

    Welp, I just got my Ace Engineering Rock Sliders back from powder coating last night so when I got home from work today I figured I had enough time to install them in my driveway before sunset. Red lock-tite on front driver bolt, heated it with a torch, loosen, tighten, loosen, tighten, torch...