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  1. Infant Seat Recommendation

    Can I please see some photos of rear facing infant seats installed in the back seat. Which ones allow for the most room still in the passenger seat? Currently thinking about the Graco snug fit, but it’s big. Thanks.
  2. Windshield replacement with sensoe

    Got my first windshield crack. Anyone know if I have to do anything specific if I have the adaptive cruise control sensor at the top of the windshield? Do i have to go through a jeep dealer because it will require calibration afterwards? Can I get the new gorilla glass installed if I have the...
  3. Diamondback Cover Install Questions

    For those of you who have installed the diamondback se cover, do you have to place shims under the plastic bed caps? If so, how hard are the caps to remove without breaking them? Is it really waterproof like they say? Anyone with the SE regret not getting the HD? I don’t ever see myself hauling...
  4. Roof leak in back

    I have the three piece hard top and noticed a water leak behind the back seat today. It’s coming in from above the sliding window. I know the freedom panels sometimes leak if not seated properly. But I have heard of anything in the back yet. Anyone having a leak back there?
  5. New Jersey Disregard this post - LED fog lights

    Looking for LED fog light take offs
  6. New Jersey SOLD - For Sale Sport S Rims and Tires With Sensors

    Sport S max tow rims and tires for sale. Include sensors and spare. Bridgestone Duelers A/T 245/75R17. Located in Bethlehem PA. Make an offer
  7. Plastic bag in footwell

    I was looking at the aux switch wires in the passenger seat footwell and notice a plastic bag like liner handing down in there. Is this normal? Anyone else notice it?
  8. Spray bedliner question

    I have an after market spray on bedliner. I noticed a gap on the floor today with a few leaves stuck in it. Does everyone else’s spray in liner look like it? It’s at the front corner so the red arrow is the drain hole along the cab for location reference and the blue arrow is the gap I noticed...
  9. Stock Sport s rim specs?

    I want to upgrade from the plain silver wheels on sport s max tow. Does anyone know what the stock rim specs are and how they compare to the Quadratec Recon wheel. The recon are 17x8.5 with 5.2 back spacing and +11 offset. I can’t find backspacing and offset of the stock rims. Just they are...
  10. Mid Flaps

    I added the Mopar mud flaps today and have a question. I used the plastic rivets supplied. Anyone replace them with something that is removable and reusable? If I want to remove the mud flaps for a little off roading it would be nice to have reusable fasteners.
  11. Powder coat stock rims?

    Has anyone powder coated their stock sport rims black? I don’t like how the silver looks with my sting gray truck. They would look better black. It is cheaper than new rims and I’m not ready to lift or go bigger tires yet. I saw on the JL forum though that sometimes the rims warp. Has anyone...
  12. Sport s with rubicon wheels

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I couldn’t find a thread already though. Has anyone put rubicon wheels and tires on a sport s with max tow? Any life or trimming required? I’m not a fan of the stock wheels.
  13. Adding extra lights to the bed

    Has anyone added extra lights to the bed? I saw online they make LED strips to go along the top rails on the sides of the bed. Can you tap into the wiring for the light that’s already by the tail gate so they would all work off the switch in the cab?
  14. Bedliner application process

    For those of you who got the bedliner done aftermarket. I’m assuming they removed the cargo rails if you have them. What about the D rings in the sidewall near the front? Also it looks likes there two plastic plugs in the front wall and two in the bottom of the bed along the driver side. Did...
  15. Pennsylvania WTB: Rubicon or LE takeoffs

    Anyone got an rubicon or LE wheels up for sale. Not sure I like the stock sport s wheels on my sting gray
  16. Mud flaps, rock rails or steps?

    I have a sport s with max tow so did not come with rock rails or side steps. I want to add something to protect the side of the truck from rock chips. Should I go with Mopar mud flaps, rock rails or the steps? Can I see some pics of you babe any of these. Especially if it’s a sport s If you...
  17. Pennsylvania WTB: Rubicon Rock Rails

    Anybody got any takes off rubicon rock rails for sale near eastern PA. Thanks
  18. Hard top accessories

    A few questions about accessories for the freedom hard top. I got my gladiator on order so now it’s time to get some accessories. If you have a Sunrider which material do you have and do you like it, black diamond or black twill ($100 more)? Do you have a headliner? I live in the northeast...
  19. Sport S ordering questions

    Has anyone who ordered a sport s been able to add the mopar leather upgrade? It is listed in the build sheets that were posted a few weeks back but it’s not on the Jeep website builder. Does anyone know what gets upgraded to leather besides the seats? Any trim pieces or steering wheel wrap? Thanks
  20. Max tow fender photo?

    does anyone have a photo of the flares that come with the max tow package in the sport s? I thought I remember seeing a photo somewhere but can’t find it. How do they compare to the rubicon fenders? Local dealer has a rubicon in so going to check it out this evening even though I want a sport s...