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  1. Gladiator Mojave vs Rivian R1T (Photo Comparison)

    I got the opportunity to drive a Rivian R1T for a few days, thought I'd share some photos comparing it in size to my Mojave. Keep in mind I am on an AEV lift (but stock 33" All Terrains). Although I have thoughts on it so far, probably not going to go into depth much about that unless asked...
  2. Review of Lasfit's new Anti-Theft Hood Lock System (version 2.0)

    A couple months ago I spoke with a Lasfit representative asking for more information on their electronic hood lock system. This turned into a deep discussion which resulted in me getting an opportunity to test out version 2.0 of their system prior to release. Now that it is out, I'd like to...
  3. California Sold: WTB - Tazer Mini

    Looking for a Tazer Mini. Bonus points if you have the extension harness as well. Located in Chico, CA (Northern CA).
  4. California Sold: Rubicon Tow Hooks - $30

    Tow hooks off a rubicon - $30
  5. California OEM Mojave Bumper (ceramic coated) - $100

    $100 - OEM Mojave Bumper. Ceramic coated a couple months ago but I've replaced it with a steel bumper. Comes with: - The bumper itself - mojave skid plate Optionally, if you want the tow hooks and LED Fog lights I'll include those for a total of $200 Located in Chico, CA
  6. California Sold: OEM LED Fog Lights - $70

    OEM fog lights of a Gladiator Rubicon. Replaced my bumper and don't need these. Located in Chico, CA
  7. California Rubicon Rock Rails - $50

    OEM Rubicon Rock Rails that come with the Rubicon and Mojave trim levels. Pretty much new. Only were on the vehicle for ~ 2 weeks before removing for steps. Currently have then in the box my steps came in, but can grab photos if someone wants to see them before coming to grab them. Local...
  8. DIY Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Rack for BAK Revolver x4s

    Just got all the parts in and put it on yesterday. Extremely happy with how it turned out. I was having trouble finding a rack that fit my needs. Requirements were: - Low as possible while still allowing room for the Revolver x4s to open. - Utilize the t slots (be able to adjust and slide...
  9. Show me your window tint!

    Planning on getting tint installed next week. Previously on my vehicles I have always done 35% front and 15% over factory rear/back tint. Thinking about changing it up this time and doing 30% all around but would be interested to see what others have done.
  10. Andrew's 2022 Sarge Green Mojave - Northern CA

    Just picked it up yesterday at Peterson's in Idaho! Had a long drive back. Got back in a little over midnight last night to Chico CA. Racked up a decent amount of miles in the first 12 hours! Should be a pretty mild build, but I'm going to try to do my best to catalog it as I go...