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  1. Dealership Charges For Large Tires and Winch??

    this — as others said the tire charge is most likely BS but removing and reinstalling aftermarket equipment might not be.
  2. Katzkin leather installed in my 2023 Sport S

    I have Katzkin on my JTRD (for 30,000 miles) and it’s sooo much softer/nicer to sit in than any of my other Wranglers. That said — the seat frame is what it is so it’s not going to solve those issues. But it was well worth it. Also— katzkin has held up very well.
  3. 38's are the Goldilocks of tires (owner review)

    I ran this kit on my 392 on 40’s through all of Moab including Pritchett and it was fine. Nowhere near as good as hydro, but close enough and without any downsides.
  4. My 2022 Gladiator burned down... how?

    This just isn’t how it works but i understand where you’re coming from. It’s likely an insurance issue and you’re out $23k unless you can get them to come up on the premise their offer is too low for market of a stock vehicle with that year and mileage (others here probably know more than me on...
  5. Jeep Gladiator value in the toilet

    30% gap in original retail MSRP to wholesale in a year is normal but hasn’t been seen in a long time because of the market. Typically you see something like an 80% drop off on options, which is why typically it’s best to try to keep it under 10% in options from base MSRP. Also challenging to do...

    I’ve done most of the trails in Moab (excluding Pritchett — did that in the 392) in my gladiator for three years in a row now, a few in CO, as well as lots of local Phoenix ones. Never reinforced anything and ran 37’s since mile #9 and 40’s in Moab every time. Have around 30,000 now. Probably...
  7. New Jeep CEO Named (Antonio Filosa)

    A ton of people are at least in AZ.
  8. New Jeep CEO Named (Antonio Filosa)

    My wife doesn’t like them but we’ve made three back and forth trips across the us without issue now. Typically 14-19 hours in the truck a day.
  9. Jeep Gladiator Rubicon EcoDiesel

    Awesome! I love mine. We have 28,000 trouble free miles. The first 500 miles were an issue because factory wrapped a harness around the exhaust but that was an easy fix and has been good ever since other than a battery change.
  10. Gearing for Gladiator EcoDiesel

    Yep, that's about the same for me. I'm 18-19 in town and 23-24 highway. I'm typically 70-80 highway. Obviously with wind it goes down.
  11. Gearing for Gladiator EcoDiesel

    that’s solid mileage. I’m getting similar on 37’s diesel doesnt seem to care what tires you have. Was similar in my ram.
  12. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    Ah, gotcha. I'm going to give them about 5,000 miles and see if they soften up like they did on my Gladiator. Part of the issue is, there's basically no weight in the rear -- no spare tire, aluminum genright rear bumper. It may be a case of it being impossible to soften them up enough (can only...
  13. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    Agreed on tuning. Define better... I really think it depends on the use case. But I think if you're spending the kind of money that Fox 3.0's run, it's not a bad thing to look into other options. Running a coilover and external bypass was going to be more expensive in my case. My Fox 3.0's ride...
  14. Gladiator is Tops in 2023 Initial Quality Study for Midsize Trucks (JD Power)

    There’s not a whole lot out there without getting into the entire emissions debate but I’ve heard positive things about banks, etc. I’ll leave it at that.
  15. Gladiator is Tops in 2023 Initial Quality Study for Midsize Trucks (JD Power)

    Honestly — if my 3.0 went I’d put another 3.0 in it, though likely with some ahem, modifications. I would not take a v8 over the diesel. I do own a 392 (and other v8 wranglers) and like it but the JT is perfection with the ecodiesel.
  16. 2023 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon FarOut: Exclusive Limited-edition Marks Final EcoDiesel Gladiator Production

    I paid $57k for a loaded diesel gladiator rubicon. So not $55k but pretty close. I think MSRP was $64k. ‘21. Only have 26k on it but it’s been solid. Love the torque. Still prefer it over my 392.
  17. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    And high property taxes. No state income tax though so in many cases it’s still a savings.
  18. Constructive feedback requested - Used Gladiator Pricing

    I think my concern buying something Chrysler with a replaced engine is A) what caused it in the first place and B) it’s just straight up hit or miss on quality of workmanship these days at FCA dealers.
  19. Constructive feedback requested - Used Gladiator Pricing

    I’d part it out. You’re likely looking at less than a stock one value wise with the blower and history.
  20. 10hr Detailing Results

    Mine got too dirty to clean it. So now I just let it mud.