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  1. Long term storage

    I will be out of town for about 3-4 months. What is the best way to put my JT to sleep without using a battery maintainer. The JT will be parked in my garage. What do I need to disconnect so the batteries won't run down? thank in advance for everyone's help
  2. Has anyone experienced this!

    I can be driving down the road and the dash lights up with: check anti-lock brake sys., Check anti-sway sys., Check traction control sys., service 4wd sys. As i continue to drive, all of it goes off and everything if fine. It does it intermittingly! Any thoughts?
  3. Eco-D DEF tank

    Took my '21 Overland diesel in to dealer because after adding about 1 gallon of DEF, the gauge has always read full, even after 3000 miles. The dealer tells me the sensor is bad and stuck on full and the whole tank has to be replaced at a cost of about $2500.00. Thank Goodness its still under...