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  1. Scammers in Marketplace

    If you want moderator attention just post something political and they’ll jump all over it.:LOL:
  2. 2024 Tacoma - Here’s The New Competition! ? Hybrid Model Added ?

    I actually think it looks pretty good. I’d like to see and drive one in person, the previous gen was a pretty lackluster effort in terms of interior quality and driving experience.
  3. Cooler vs Fridge

    Interesting timing, I just purchased a BougeRV 12V fridge for my boat. Our cooler fits under a seat and I can’t find a proper rotomolded cooler that will fit in the cavity, it came with an Igloo that is garbage.. Based on feedback here it sounds like I’ll be very happy with the fridge.
  4. Texas Overland Trail

    Here’s a decent write up on the trail, if you hit all of the sections it can consume several days: https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/post/texas-hill-country-tour OnX has it all mapped out, I’m planning to spend at least one day on it this summer and hit the Alstadt brewery in Fredricksburg.
  5. Revealed: 2024 Wrangler Facelift Refresh With Major Updates & Upgrades

    I dig it, I think they did a great job. Also I want to kick a marketing guy in the junk every time I read the word sustainable in the context of a technology that requires rare raw materials that come out of the ground.
  6. Stellantis CEO: Earth Doesn't Have Enough Raw Material to Meet EV Demand

    Shhh, if you go talking these sorts of things from an informed position you’ll get yourself cancelled! Seriously people go do a little research, this isn’t a new position. There are a lot of very smart people who have been saying this for years. Ever notice all the things around you that run...
  7. You can only drive your Gladiator one way. Which do you choose?

    I bake in the summer with the roof off, so typically just pull the doors.
  8. Jeep Unveils 7 Easter Jeep Safari 2023 Concept Vehicles, including Gladiator Rubicon Sideburn Concept and Scrambler 392 [Updated w/ Videos]

    I like the back half of the Sideburn, especially the utility aspect of the bed storage. A grille guard that folds down to make a seat is just silly, talk about a damage multiplier. No way that thing is very strong. Also a fine leather interior with a vinyl hose out flooring system is...
  9. There's a Clever Phone Mount

    My Scosche Proclip puts my phone in the exact same place and takes about 5 seconds to install. I have never had my phone fall off or even slide.
  10. Competition: First 2024 Tacoma Teaser drops

    Boo. I was hoping for way detail. Hope this gen Taco is a legitimate competitor because they’ve been mailing it in for years.
  11. Exhaust Modification on my 2021 Gladiator 3.6 gas

    I’ve had a lot of custom exhaust work done over the years. Find a shop that does a lot of hot rod exhaust where it’s true fabrication, not just welding together pre-bent tubing for family cars. If you took in your JT I bet they could help you put together a good plan pretty quickly.
  12. Ford Losing Billions on EV’s

    Immature assumes that there Is a step change coming in terms of battery technology. Which would be required for a pure EV to ever actually compete with ICE. No guarantee that’s coming.
  13. 2024 Gladiator 4xe Supposedly

    In my experience any car video that features big block letters, lots of exclamation marks, or some moron making stupid faces or gestures is going to be pure trash. Don’t feed the bots and morons with your clicks!
  14. Ford Losing Billions on EV’s

    Shocker, this is what happens when you invest in a flawed technology that customers don’t want for political reasons. Toyota is the only major manufacturer that has publicly stated that EVs are not the universal answer for the future and they will continue investing in ICE and hybrid technology.
  15. Tavares Says Electric Vehicles Cost 40% More To Manufacture

    This is sort of a “duh” response. And we aren’t even talking about the use of child slave labor for the mining of elements like Cobalt by child slave labor that are use for batteries.
  16. Anyone ever consider doing a Rally-cross with the Gladiator?

    If you wanted to run a stock truck in rally cross, I think a first gen SWB Raptor with an extended cab would be awesome.
  17. First real trip in the new Gladiator vs 2500 Ram

    I came from an F250 diesel and don’t miss it. I really enjoyed the diesel power, especially after a few mods, and it was big and quiet inside. But it was also huge outside and terrible to park, and I really missed having a Jeep. Now that I’m no longer towing a boat every weekend the JT checks...
  18. 2024/2025 JT+JL V6 Hurricane / 4xe / 392

    I’ve maybe hit triple digits on the I35 Autobahn between OKC and DFW. Routinely cruise at 90 though. It’s actually not terrible on stock Mojave suspension and 35” BFG AT.