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  1. Bolt missing… I Think hmmmm

    Lost a track bar bolt. And the dealer doesn’t have any in stock. 😆 Good news is I’m in town and was two blocks from the dealer. I’ll see if I can source parts when I get home. What a pita.
  2. AEV Diff Skid and Diff cover interference with factory sway bar FIXED

    So tried to install the AEV Diff skid and Cover today. The Factory sway bar doesn't play well with new friends. It hits the skid and is real close to the cover. Looks like I need spacers. Metalcloak offers a spacer but I can't picture in my head if these are the right thing, there pictures...
  3. Passenger Wheel seal… first issue

    Had my first issue, passenge wheel seal let go. Cant complain to much only thing in 3 years to come up.
  4. Don’t let 4WP work on your Jeep

    So, and no I don’t know why I didn’t notice, I noticed my winch was not centered. Hmmm weird. So I googled it up to see if maybe I was missing something. Well lo and behold there are winches that are off set and need to be moved right some. So winch plate manufacturers provide holes for...
  5. E-Locker wiring lay out, how I did it.

    There wasn’t much out there couple ideas. Here is what I did; I ran the plug in down the diff vent line, to the rear side of the shock guard is molded for the tube, wiring harness tucked right in there then followed down to the diff. I coiled up the excess and tucked it in next to the power...
  6. Non-Rubicon Cubby Delete?

    Looking for a flat panel to replace the non-Rubicon cubby, any one have a lead? Want to use it to mount switches on, and not interested in the $300+ Lazfit set ups.
  7. Lets talk Differential Covers!

    Doing gears some time in the next few weeks, soon as the parts show up. So lets talk Diff covers! Basically since I'm (or the shop) will be there want to do everything related to the work at the same time. Re-gearing, and going to add an E-Locker up front. I do tow a bit and run a lot of...
  8. Idaho Sold: PIF, spacer kit, max tow springs

    Free to a good home, you pay shipping; 1) Terra Fex 1.5” spacer kit w 3/4” day star rear. 2) procal snap never used came in the lift kit. Taken! 3) max tow springs out of a freedom edition (steel bumpers) 22k miles on them. I’ll ship via UPS from the local store.
  9. AEV 2.5” Dualsport Caster w Mopar 2” lift kit LCA

    Ok back when I got my spacers for my “lift” I read some folks recommended replacing the factory LCA with the slightly longer arms from the Mopar 2” lift kit. So I did. Trucks had those for 3 years and 22k miles. Driven and tracked great. I opted for the AEV 2.5” lift kit and they use the...
  10. Drag Link at 22k?

    Shop called, edit Drag link, pitman arm is “not good” not bad per se, but they are doing other work and right there labor is a wash. I do tow I do wheel. Seems early for that to be “bad”. I have no symptoms of any issues at all. But for cost of just the part I’m figuring just have them do it.
  11. Rokblokz on Max Tow; Installed

    Edit; installed OK got them installed. I have the XL standard width flaps, the wider ones may be different. Product i give an A or A+ the mudflaps are great. Support and directions I give a D or D+ Roblox’s really need to redo there video and paper directions. If you have a rubicon they...
  12. Grill Guard... Mopar is how much $???????

    OK Am I smoking something, why is this thing $380 bucks? Oh oh it's on SALE $320 https://www.moparpartsshoponline.com/oem-parts/mopar-grille-and-winch-guard-hoop-82215351 Any one have feed back on this? Looks like a Warn knock off...
  13. Factory LSD, regear, swap it w a Truetrac 22k miles?

    Factory LSD, regear, swap it w a Truetrac 22k miles? Title says it all, worth the $780 to swap it while they are in there, or keep it as is? It's not terably hard to change them later?
  14. Another Trip, Boise to Moab there and back again.

    Another trip down to Moab, just under 600 miles each way. Elivation here is apx 3500 ft, in Moab apx 4500 ft, topped out at 7700 or so on hwy 89/6 out of Spanish Fork. I drive 63 mph with the trailer hooked up, seems to be my sweet spot for 5 gear most of the way, good use of 4th and some...
  15. BDL and a Truetrac?

    If you add a Truetrac to the front, how does it work with or how does the BDL system work with the Truetrac? My brain can't quite wrap around this. Seems like they would work together like PB&J?
  16. HELP! Stuck in parking lot - Fixed

    Went shopping locked the truck with the remote. Came out 30 min later. doors will not lock with the remote?!?! lock the door with the key truck freaks out horn going flashers. will not start will not react to the key fob. pulled the horn fuse. truck still wonk react?!?!!
  17. 3 jeeps gone in 40 seconds.

    1st comment is perfection. :CWL:
  18. Fairlead Plate install, after which installation?

    Just got my winch installed, they didn’t put on a fairlead plate and it just looks kinda half assed. I didn’t know there was a plate needed for a clean install. Looks like 2 bolts…. But can it be done with out have to pull the bumper off? Or is there space to get behind to the bolts? Other...
  19. Snow, Ice, 1000 miles there and back

    For all the doom and gloom. Just got back from a 1000 mile trip to Seattle and back through two winter storm and one high wind warning. No issues, great trip, lots of wind, like LOTS of wind, snow and ice on the passes. Well ok one window chip from gravel on the road, but that's more like a...
  20. Planning a Moab trip, Spring 2023

    Ok, help me plan a Moab trip. April 2023. Current plan is to arrive on a Saturday, bringing my trailer. "Light" off roading till Tuesday, day trips. Day at Arches Wednesday then head out Thursday AM. Do I need reservations on trails? Is there permits or anything I need prior to leaving...