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  1. Weird Service Department Visit about Suspension Noise on Bumps when Cold

    Yeah I know - the whole thing including the post title is weird. (Long post alert) I love the JT as I've said countless times here on the forum, but I've been having this noise when I go over certain types of bumps, and it's only when it's cold outside. Never happens in the summer. It has...
  2. I love my local dealer!

    Seriously wow. I read all these stories about dealers not wanting to help people. Today I went to my dealer's service manager about two issues and he immediately scheduled me for the first one for this Monday, and the other one for when the parts come in. Guess which issues they are...
  3. Old and new together

    I got a chance to park next to a cool vintage Jeep truck today at the river where we take out our kayaks. Check out all the ducks on the dash! You can’t even see all of them in this picture. There must have been eight or more. I wish I had one with me that I could have left. Gotta get me...
  4. Front fender losses, anyone?

    I keep putting things on the front fender, then forgetting about them and driving off. The fender is lower than the hood so I guess it's out of sight and out of mind for me. My wife told me to stop putting things there even for a second. So far I've lost several coffees, a hitch pin...
  5. How much can our trucks tow? I found this video:

    Like a lot of you, I've been working out the numbers on what trailers I can safely tow with my Sport S regular towing truck. I have a good bit of towing experience over roughly 30+ years, but I'm playing it closer on payload with this truck than I have with previous tow vehicles so I want to be...
  6. Can we talk JT Normal Tow?

    I'm going to be looking for a travel trailer sometime later this year, and I don't have Max Tow. I do have the normal tow package. To read through the various threads, you'd think there's nothing but Max Tow for towing anything bigger than a bike rack. I beg to differ. I think I should be...
  7. Beach Rated! Will they stick when it’s cold?

    I just received my new beach rated badges! They use 3m VHB tape. Is it okay to stick them on in mid 30’s temperature? I’m seeing mixed opinions when I google it. Thanks
  8. Crunching noise when going over dips in road

    Over the past few weeks my truck has been sometimes making a crunching or grinding noise from the front left as it goes over certain dips and bumps in the road. It's mostly in dips and mostly at low speed, sometimes when braking and sometimes not. It seems to happen more in situations when I'm...
  9. White wagon spoke wheels on a Gator?

    Anybody have a picture of a Gator Gladiator with retro white “wagon spoke” wheels? I’d love to see what that looks like.
  10. Great and CHEAP accessory

    For my frequent work and eating needs on the road, this little thing is a cheap as dirt game-changer. It’s light as a feather and fits in the door net like it was made for it.
  11. Door Hinge Screws: Leave 'em off?

    This is probably a newbie question, but it looks like the whole door-removal thing would be much easier if the hinge screws weren't replaced. Is that dangerous or is it at least not a terrible idea? Will the doors not just sit in the hinges without screws, and not fall out as long as they're...
  12. Sunrider love

    I just wanted to say I received my black twill Sunrider for hard top several days ago, and I think that thing is brilliant. Thank you.