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  1. No Ducks For Me(Beware, rant/negative duck comments)

    I get ducks but never give a duck. That said....I'm gonna start giving ducks because of the OP.
  2. No Ducks For Me(Beware, rant/negative duck comments)

    Def ain't a poser. Go run against some modded non-Monjaves in the desert - you'll smoke them.
  3. Our tube doors now available!

    thanks. given China's hostile stance towards my country I can't support. Doors look nice and I wish you luck. If you can find a way to manufacture these in a country not hostile to the United States I will buy.
  4. Our tube doors now available!

    I can just order rear doors? Edit...these are from China?
  5. Weird no start issue that 'fixed itself'

    Never repeated again....no codes either....
  6. Are Gladiators “cars”? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Dude it has a full frame. No unibody. It's a truck.
  7. Push Button Start Does Not Illuminate

    Is this a thief trying to figure out someones kill? Sorry....new user and all....
  8. 2024 Willys versus Mojave

    Why is a Sport Max Tow nearly 500lbs higher payload than a Sport?? It can't be just weight. Something else is there. Also.... Pre 24 Rubicons with steel front option I've seen with higher payloads than my Mojave. No way my truck is heavier. Suspension must have something to do with it....
  9. 2024 Willys versus Mojave

    I'd have to lose weight to drive my family of 5 in a Mojave X. My 3 teenagers and wife are in shape! lol
  10. 2024 Willys versus Mojave

    Holy crap.... 250lb less than my 21. How can the bumpers and some power seat motors reduce it that much? Also considering the springs are different which should have alleviated some of the payload 'loss' from the bumpers... 24... extra airbags etc.....man that is the lowest payload I've seen.
  11. Proximity door locks retrofit on Wrangler/Gladiator, someone figured it out (DIY writeup)

    58 pages....searches give worthless results... finally getting around to this. What's the latest consensus on the window bolts? Heat with solder gun, then lefty loosey righty tighty with manual ratchet until loose enough?
  12. Cam, rockers, and lash adjusters at 39k miles.

    ThE oIl LooKS ReEAllY bLAck I might have gone to jail had a service writer said that to me.
  13. 4xe Gladiator Hybrid (PHEV) Confirmed by Jeep CEO for 2025! ⚡️

    The Mojave's entire suspension would need changed for the weight and weight distribution. Not going to happen on that trim just like the diesel engine never happened on it. Mojave, being the best trim ;) , I doubt ever gets serious changes. The X is about it...steel bumpers...and that only...
  14. Play in steering/steering wheel

    Check and see if your pitman nut is loose. Mine was. 0 mods. it was literally FINGER TIGHT from the factory.
  15. Multiple Issues I'm struggling to get fixed

    Keep in mind you don't need to remove the trim piece to fix this problem I was just more really curious where the hell the water was coming in.
  16. Multiple Issues I'm struggling to get fixed

    Yes...use a trim tool. I broke 3 clips.
  17. Multiple Issues I'm struggling to get fixed

    If you pull the black trim piece up top off ( interior ) and spray the back window you will see exactly where it's coming in and it's usually a plastic crack in the frame
  18. Multiple Issues I'm struggling to get fixed

    It's a shit design installed in a shit manner by a shit manufacturer. Shit dealers can't fix it and often destroy your hardtop and rear seats in the attempt. Fix it yourself...