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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    You have a view closer to the pinch seams near the front and rear wheels? Looking to see if it’s completely covered
  2. LMAO Jealous people

  3. Best Combo Rock Slider Rail and Step

    I've now spent months spinning myself into rock slider step oblivion, and have come up with a few options (I've now eliminated the ROAM and LOD options as neither one seems close to market). I don't do a ton of offroading, and when I do it's not extreme. I care about 3 things really...
  4. Cold Start Squeak

    Hello my fellow financial services worker. Hope all is well with you during PPP-pocalypse. Yea mine did the squeak while starting in the truck. Never thought to see if it did the same with no AC vs AC, or remote vs in vehicle. It's such a miniscule squeak Im not worried, but it's an odd quirk...
  5. Cold Start Squeak

    Hey all, I remember this coming up awhile back and wasn't sure if it was a break in thing or just the way the 3.6 is, but I've noticed when I first start up the truck, it gives off a squeak (not sure how else to explain it) when the engine first starts. I thought it was a cold weather issue...
  6. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    Because it’s hard to wash the saltwater off the bottom of a truck when it’s at stock height! Plus the Pup would look much cooler in a lifted truck.
  7. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Congrats on the new ride!
  8. Steering wheel disassembly

    So quick question, how did you decide color? Did you straight up paint it using mopar paint? Plastidip? I'm Punk'n, so I want to get as close to the same color as possible.
  9. EAG Tube Doors

    sure do
  10. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Anyone seen a Punk’n with the tailgate blackout vinyl? Was debating either adding the HAUK gladiator badging, or the black vinyl, or both. Like this:
  11. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    mine was opposite. Driver side was bad. Using the wedge made it much better. i wish they would’ve sent two wedges just because.
  12. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    honestly, you got a faulty product Is what it sounds like. I would think about filing a dispute with your CC if you can’t get a response. My mirrors have 2 stops and definitely points more to the cab but when I adjust the glass to the top left it works out fine on the driver side. Passenger...
  13. EAG Safari Tube Doors-Installed!

    What issue did you have with them? Mine had a bit of movement so I put a rubber bumper inside to stop the passenger side glass from shifting and it worked like a charm. Driver side has been great.
  14. Venomrex and 37 falken at3w

    How do you like the sliders that attach to the rock rails (I'm assuming that's what they are). Do they provide a decent step?
  15. Venomrex and 37 falken at3w

    How did you get Venomrex wheels in 17's? They've been backordered for like a month and a half that I've been trying to get them (I wanted bronze). Love those wheels and this is the exact setup that I wanted to do including JKS suspension. Love it.
  16. Westin LED Hood Scoops

    Saw these also and they have working ventilation as opposed to the current setup. following this also.
  17. AmFib Low Mount Snorkel?

    Yes, the inlet in the grill stays there even when switching to a new CAI (Or at least it did in my case). The fender inlet was removed.
  18. AmFib Low Mount Snorkel?

    im not good enough to rig the afe box to the snorkel but I’m sure you can someway/somehow do it. The end of the box is enclosed so you’d need to route the air through the top or cut out the side and route it that way. Would probably be more restrictive than good IMO
  19. Rock Rails Thread

    Anyone see these/Install these yet? Although they don't have the 2 step like ROAM or LOD, they're similar in style. A little pricey, but cheaper than Fab Fours. Just wish there was some lighting or light mounts on them for that price...