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  1. Metalcloak lift

    Yes, you need to grind. Deburring bit in a drill and took a good 45 min to open the window enough. It was a pain.
  2. Metalcloak lift

    3.5 JT Game Changer installed. Looks like I picked up just over 3.5” at the front bumper but only .25” at the rear hitch. Front should settle a bit in time. Happy so far, may need a small puck added to the rear. Before pile of parts: Before Stance: After Stance: After Pile of parts: If anyone...
  3. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    I just ordered the game changer rocksport edition and its sitting in my garage right now. Looking at installing this weekend! Thanks for joining the forum!
  4. Storage Optimization

    JCR has this one:
  5. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    Just put in 17x9 -12 Vision Nemesis with 315/70/R17 Falken AT3W. Love the look and wheel give me the required back space for the Metalcloak Game changer on the way. Big thanks to Don at Discount Tire (@Discount Tire )on this forum, for working with me to set up this package. Had a little help...
  6. Metalcloak Rock Krawler Hybrid

    I am considering the full Metalcloak Game changer and replacing the rear track bar and rear upper control arms with the Rock Krawler Rear JT Pro-X upgrade kit for the triangulated 4 link. Anyone else researched this option? Pros/cons?
  7. Metalcloak lift

    Has anyone installed the game changer with 2.5" front springs and the 3.5" in the rear. According to Metalcloak this would come pretty close to maintaining factory rake. Pictures would be appreciated. I am considering this configuration, as well as the 2.5" level with a 0.75" spacer in the rear...
  8. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    Thanks!, That looks pretty good!
  9. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    I am looking at the same wheels with the Nitto Ridge Grapplers 35x12.5R17. I have run a few calculators that say tires will stick out 2.8” further than stock. Nearly 3” on each side seems like a lot. How far out past the fenders are they? I am also looking at the MC game changer lift that...
  10. MC 3.5 gamechanger - backspacing question

    I would give metalcloak a call to confirm
  11. MC 3.5 gamechanger - backspacing question

    I have asked metalcloak about this and the response was that 4.75 should be ok if you have the rubicon or max tow since they have the wide track Dana 44 since they are already wider than standard
  12. Metalcloak lift

    I emailed metalcloak and got the following response to some of these questions Their answers in RED: What is the base-line for the nominal heights of the lifts? I understand this can be a difficult question as every rig is outfitted different, but how do you determine the nominal lift? We...
  13. Good Dealer in Norcal?

    Check out Auburn Jeep.
  14. LED Bulb Replacement - IT WORKS!

    Did you replace the Turn Signal Bulb with LED? If so what product did you use ?
  15. California Metalcloak Rear Fenders

    New in box, bare metal Metalcloak Rear fenders for JT. Sell new for $600, $540 with frequent 10% off sales. Asking $525, you save beyond 10% plus sales tax. Local pick up only as they are too costly to ship. DM me for details
  16. Rhino Rack / Metalcloak Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    It does look pretty level. I was thinking that from the factory the rear is about 1.5” higher than the front so raising the front only would surpass the height of the rear making it look like it is squatting. I am ok with level, just don’t want that squat look.
  17. Rhino Rack / Metalcloak Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    Can you shed some light on the 2.5” as a leveling? Everything I seem to see is that there is a 1.5” rake on the rubicon. I would think that 2.5” would set the front higher than the rear. Also did you have to change out the front drive shaft for the 2.5” leveling kit?
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Most crucial mod yet....
  19. License plate suggestions

    I had this qued up when I made my order for the black plates back in September, I opted for "JTRBICN". 4 months later and still don't have the plates. Called DMV Friday and they told me they are running about 6 mo right now.