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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    There has been many people that have documented a viable climate difference, I loved mine in my JKU I previously had... here is just one of many videos.
  2. Memorial weekend sale 2020

    Hey guys, I got an email from Metalcloak about their Memorial Day sale. check out their website. -sass
  3. Will rough country 2.5 in spacer kit for JL also fit the gladiator?

    Fronts on our JT’s are the same as JL’s. The tears of our vehicles are not.
  4. Win a Front Runner roof rack for your JL or JT from Northridge4x4!

    The “red queen” would love this jewelry to add to her collection!
  5. 12.5 vs 13.5 Nitto Ridge Grappler

    Here’s another question to ask yourself between the two... the 12.5 is a D rated tire and the 13.5 is an E... the E will be a little more stiffer. I have the 12.5’s and I love them and have had no issues offroad and the on road ride is smooth.
  6. Your Jeep's name

    The “red queen” is above the pettiness of trivial things like a name... all shall bask in her glory for she is the “queen”:LOL::handsinair:
  7. Wind Deflector for Roof when Freedom Panels are Off

    I have taken my panels off numerous times and I also bought a sunrider... This feeling of unstable air you have with the front open, I have experienced too. The only thing I have found that helps a lot is to open my back slide window. And to answer your question... no I haven’t seen anything to...
  8. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    Honestly... I’m not here for the giveaway this month.... but I love MC... here’s my JTMC3.5GC ...and thank you for coming to our forum!!!!
  9. Sunrider for hardtop question

    I know you asked the bestop team but I will give you my real world experience... yes you can run the sunrider without the hardtop. And... you can have it closed or open... your choice. There is a catch though ... The sunrider is designed to lay itself on the weather stripping on the hard top...
  10. New Jeeper! Need help! How the he-double hockey sticks do I figure out the wheels & tires?!?!

    Do 17” rims if your planning on going off road... the extra sidewall vs the others will give you a more comfortable ride... plus you can air them down too.
  11. Steering Stabilizers

    that’s what she said!:LOL::CWL:
  12. Steering wheel looser to right then left.

    Maybe the stabilizer??? When you turn right it pulls the rod out. When you turn left It compresses. Might need some continual lock to lock turns to work it a little bit... try it 5 times and see if that helps... past that IDK
  13. Round 2 - Big One Rebates are back!

    My suggestion is to look up the model number of the unit you are buying and make sure it is listed in the rebate you want. that is all
  14. Metalcloak lift

    I’ll take a crack at this... Now I don’t have exact specs so I will do a little bit of rounding okay?? your stock tires are 33” right and your going 37’s ... 37-33=4”. Now take the 4” and cut it in half because half your tire is below your axle... following??? So you should show around 13” of...
  15. Falcon shocks

    here’s how I feel about my falcon 3.3’s I like them a lot, offroad and on gravel roads they are amazing, especially when the front sway bar is disconnected. That said, on road with the swaybar connected they are good but you hit some rough spots and you do get jarred a bit. I have a tazer and...
  16. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    there’s one small little problem with your request ... all the tuning mfg’s design their devices to marry to the vehicle vin number when in use. When we unmarry the device is when we can sell or transfer to another vehicle but it puts everything back to stock. Unless someone is a computer wiz...
  17. Skid plates?

    these are the ones I’ve been looking at... I really want the artec ones!!! Due to the fact that it will pull up the gas tank and make a flat side to side belly pan, that gains you 3/4 inch of ground clearance. That’s worth the money alone.
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Yes I painted the mesh red... multi coats.
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    my last jku I did a flowmaster, it did mellow out and get deeper over some time... but by then I had added a resonator in line at an exhaust shop. That really took the drone/loudness down and gave me what I originally wanted. Good luck!
  20. CB or Ham, the better route?

    Then you want Ham. Here in Colorado, there’s soo many repeaters it’s easy to get someone on the line. here’s a true story. I had a group of fellow 4wd club members take a week trip near the Colorado/Utah border. They had to do a creek crossing on their trail and that day the water was flowing...