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  1. We’re Digging This Comanche and Scrambler Inspired Retro Gladiator Look

    On the original Sting-gray gladiator, Where did you find the "wagon wheels" (they may have also been called triangle/diamond something)? are they steel and what size. Looking for the same type of deal, but I have JL, looking to do the Laredo black with blue decal package. those wheels are the...
  2. Jeep confirms Nov 28 reveal with Jeep Gladiator video teasers

    Fun. It is good to see that FCA has a type of sense of humor to play along with the release of the truck. Looking forward to 11/28/2018.
  3. 2020 Jeep GLADIATOR Pickup (JT) Model Name Leaked on FCA Media Site!

    Gladiator vs Scrambler I would imagine that there are some creative aftermarket companies who will create a decal/badge set embracing the "Scrambler" name that you will be able to purchase.