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  1. Looks like Hummer wants to be like the Gladiator...

    I like that top if that's legit. I'd love to see Jeep come out with a completely module hardtop. Make it so there are two removable front panels. Removal rear T-top style panels like shown here. Then make it so the rear side windows and back window could come out. Basically a frame with a...
  2. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    I need this so I can swap out my suspension before all my bolts rust in the great white north!
  3. Hothead Headliners Memorial Day SALE!

    In 4 one! Can't wait!
  4. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Hauled a bunch of materials homes from Menards for home projects. Finally have a truck to do it in after using my car for the last 6 years. Felt so good to just load stuff in the back! With the top off too! Loving the Gladiator!
  5. Can you order/build a jeep to your liking and still get discounts close to what dealers ask for vehicles on the lot?

    I think the answer is, it depends. There are a number of dealers that may be good to try to work with, depending on your area if you read through these threads:
  6. Advertised prices are not the same when you call dealership.

    Many dealers advertise a price online that includes every possible incentive. Things like the automobility $1000 discount that only applies to those that need their vehicle adapted for their disability. There's a few other discounts that are not applicable to most people that many dealers will...
  7. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Yeah,I usually never have a trade that is worth much to begin with so I’m not haggling over the price of my trade. I think trade in prices are probably even worse right now but $6K less?! Oof, yeah I would not be happy. When you look just at the pricing of their. Gladiators alone though I don’t...
  8. What kind of deal can I realistically expect?

    I also wouldn’t let leather kill a deal if it had everything else. That’s nothing that a seat cover can’t fix. The obvious caveat here is that you may pay a bit more because it has the leather, but if your like me, you might find a deal on a lot substantially better than what you could order...
  9. What kind of deal can I realistically expect?

    For orders I found that motor inn of spirit lake (sticky discussion above - 5% off invoice with affiliate/tread lightly) was the best price I could get on order close to me That was within about a 3-5 hour drive (Minneapolis area). None of the local dealers could/would match his pricing. Koons...
  10. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Well, I officially joined the JT club today. Picked up a Fire Cracker Red Rubicon JT. Sticker was 57420. I paid 50307 (not including TTL) for it, a little over 12% off MSRP. I was happy with the deal. Best price around me (Minneapolis area)..
  11. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Usually sites like autotrader and CarGurus will have a thing showing how long it’s at least been on their site.
  12. What is everyone seeing? Below Invoice and rates?

    Anyone have any thoughts on what May incentives might bring? Almost pulled the trigger on a JTR today. Edit: looks like they extended the existing offers for 4 days?