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  1. Metalcloak lift

    10-4 I have a Dremel with a tungsten carbide grinding bit - hoping that will do the trick.
  2. Metalcloak lift

    I have the MC front track bar on the way. Instructions are showing the need to possibly grind out the housing a bit to fit the head of the trackbar. Anyone put one in a Gladiator...did you need to grind?
  3. Virginia SOLD.

  4. Virginia For Sale: Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer $225

    Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Fast Adjust Steering Stabilizer Installed for a few months - moving to a new setup. $225 + shipping. Central VA local pickup available.
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Beefed up the diff cover with ARB M210.
  6. Front Diff Fluid Amount?

    Got a new diff cover in and about to make the switch. I have two quarts of diff fluid...will that be enough? Couldn't find specs in the manual other than what type of fluid to use....nothing about how much. Thanks all.
  7. Sector shaft brace

    It didn't resolve the dead spot I have - however - the big difference I've noticed is that the Jeep no longer requires constant feedback to track straight. It's made for a much more enjoyable driving experience - for me, it was well worth the money and I only regret not having done it sooner.
  8. Loose Steering?

    I had high hopes for my dealership that they could get this thing dialed in. Round 1 of new drag link components and generally torquing down things got it about 75% there. Took it back in today and got the call that the dead space was, 'to be expected when lifted (it's not lifted) with bigger...
  9. Loose Steering?

    Here is a side by side of before and after the drag link replacement. Definite improvement made. Dead space is now limited to a gap to the left. I would say the driving experience is better. Also think there has got to be a way to tighten down that dead zone.
  10. Loose Steering?

    They replaced the drag link with Mopar 68309364AC Drag Link Outer Socket. Here is the latest video clip. I'm still feeling a dead space that seems excessive - maybe that dead space was reduced...
  11. Loose Steering?

    Just got back from the shop. They identified the drag link assembly as being the problem and they have ordered a new one to install. I'll follow up when it's done on whether it got things tightened up. Interestingly, they must have tightened down some other components because my steering is...
  12. Loose Steering?

    Added a point of reference - seems like it will go right further than left.
  13. Loose Steering?

    I feel like it comes back to center without issue - just has that gap before it will respond to the opposite direction it was last turned to. I'll pay more attention to that though when I go back out later.
  14. Loose Steering?

    Here is the dead space in my wheel. Taking it in Tuesday to get checked out. I've been writing this off as normal - this isn't normal right?
  15. Maryland WTS almost brand new MOPAR 2” lift

    Oh I see that now. My fault.
  16. Maryland WTS almost brand new MOPAR 2” lift

    Why did you decide to take it back off?