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  1. Hood Deflector...Yay or Nay

    NAY, not gonna help with rock chips. Had a couple on my JK and it got busted And replaced 3 times
  2. Introduction

    You can fit some 37's definitely a 35 under there so you should definitely be good with the size your choosing. Good luck with you purchase
  3. Installing Stock Rubicon Skid Plate on Sport

    Just curious if these rivnuts will work or do I need the Mopar ones. Fullerkreg-18Pcs-M10 x 21mm-Zinc Plated-Flat Head-Carbon Steel-Rivet Nut Rivnut Insert Nutsert
  4. Installing Stock Rubicon Skid Plate on Sport

    Is that using only two brackets?
  5. 33" vs 37" tire performaces

    I'm running the SST 2.5" lift on 315 70 17 BFG ko2 tires and stock wheels and I average about 18.3- 18.5 on my Max tow with stock 4.10 gears.Not sure what you will get out of a Rubicon on 37's but if your getting 16, a good guess would be around 13, I lost about 2 mpg average when I went to 35's.
  6. Installing Stock Rubicon Skid Plate on Sport

    Which brackets
  7. Installing Stock Rubicon Skid Plate on Sport

    I need a little clarity because someone told me yesterday all I needed was the brackets I have. I am about to install one of these skids on my JT sport and want to make sure I got everything. Pictures included if what mine looks like with the plastic skid removed, also do i need to remove the...
  8. Sport S Must Come With Hardtop Headliner and Slush Mats????

    The slush mats are nice, don't know much about the headliner. They aren't worth that much though, you can buy them for $110 on Amazon Mopar Jeep Gladiator Front & Rear Complete Set of 4 Rubber Floor Mats OEM
  9. What winch?

    Did you ask on the forum or on the website. On the website you can get a immediate response most of the time
  10. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Sucks for you, GO HEELS!!!!! Sorry and too
  11. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    I have these two brackets, so that's all I need and I got 4 bolts, so I'm going to need 2 more bolts and 4 rivnuts? If that's all I need could you or someone provide some guidance on where they install. I could get this done today if so, just got to get the rivnuts and two bolts
  12. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    So I need 2 additional brackets and the 6 bolts and 4 rivnuts. He gave me two brackets and 4 bolts
  13. Rubicon steel skid plate install help

    I got a sport Max tow and I'm trying to install a steel skid plate that came off a JT Rubicon with a Plastic bumper. I'm pretty sure I don't have everything I need to install it, just trying to see what else I need to complete the job and trying to figure out exactly how to do it. Not info...
  14. What winch?

    Why you say that. They were pretty quick getting back to me on my front bumper with a decent price. Only reason I didn't order from them was because it was on backorder until the middle of June
  15. What winch?

    Contact Quadratecs, they will give you a code to enter
  16. What winch?

    Thanks, I pulled the trigger. I had to order it but I'm happy with the choice
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Totally agree, a good setup needs no stabilizer at all. I've driven my JT without the Stabilizer without any issues. I put it back on but feel like it drives just as good without it.
  18. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Bought the Badlands Apex 12000lb winch for my Rugged Ridge Spartan bumper, now the waiting game on everything to arrive. Badlands Apex was sold out at every Harbor Freight for 200 miles, but they let me have the discount and the manager let me use his employee discount put me out the door at...
  19. Winch dilemma, need help deciding

    Well I went ahead and ordered the Badlands. Not sure how long it will take to get it. $400 was to good a deal to pass up. The manager I know at Harbor Freight said I should probably have it on 8-10 days, we will see. Have never ordered online from them so we will see how it goes.