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  1. Giveaway of the Month - June 2020 - JT Gladiator 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension RockSport Edition

    I have read and researched several lifts recently. Metal cloak being one of them. At the moment just sitting on a Teraflex level and wanting to get more into off-roading and traveling state to state to ride trails and appreciate all the natural sites you don’t get crusing down the road. Good...
  2. Evo 2.5" Lift (True Height)

    It could be the difference with the rubicon fenders. I know the front were higher but guess the back are also. The other measurements were on a sport.
  3. Evo 2.5" Lift (True Height)

    I like that look. I just put on a set of 35 Ridge Grapplers. Would you mind sharing height measurements?
  4. Maryland Selling Launch Edition wheels with Falken AT

    Sorry not willing to ship
  5. Maryland Selling Launch Edition wheels with Falken AT

    Dropping off Jeep to get new setup now. Wheels coming off and will be available later today.
  6. Pics of Overland with Rubicon take-offs?

    my opinion, because I did not weigh then to determine the weight difference, is the rubicon wheels and Falkens are a little heavier. But ride quality to me was better or more to my liking with the little extrasidewall and they way they fit the Jeep. I was planning on keeping my LE wheels and...
  7. Small Lifts?

    I didn't see anything for a rear spring. Closest is a spacer for the rear I would guess. Might be harder to do but if you can find someone running a kit or find a kit that advertises their rear spring height that would be equivalent to what you want and just order the rear springs from that...
  8. Small Lifts?

    If you look up synergy front springs they sell just front spring sets for the JT. One that is meant to give 1 inch of lift and another to give 2 inches of lift. No sure if you wanted to piece together something since most kits overall seem to give a little over advertised lift height.
  9. Maryland Selling Launch Edition wheels with Falken AT

    I am not separating wheels and tires, sorry
  10. Paint your stock grill vs. buying new one?

    These are not the best pictures.
  11. Paint your stock grill vs. buying new one?

    I sprayed my overland grill. From the looks at most pictures it would appear that they all have the same pieces just different colors. I will try to post what pictures I did take when it was apart. It was just torx screws and clips to take it apart and apply coats of dip and reassemble. I...
  12. Maryland Selling Launch Edition wheels with Falken AT

    4 Launch Edition wheels with Falken AT with approximately 5k miles. They have tpms. No spare. Still currently on gladiator at the moment. New set up should be in soon. Was ordered a week and a half ago. Message me offers or interest.
  13. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Was excited to read about the launch of Clayton Off Roads suspension for the gladiator. I had Clayton springs on my old JK and it made a world of difference. Definitely on my wish list down the line so maybe, lord willing, it might just jump further up that line. Wife can’t argue with free so...
  14. Lets see all those Gladiators with lifts and bigger tires!

    Not mine so cant say 100% but look up Raceline Defender 935B they have other colors. Looks very similar if not the exact wheel.
  15. Virginia For Sale: 2” Lift

    I have to discuss with the "boss" but might be interested in just the springs. I already have rear spacers.
  16. Virginia For Sale: 2” Lift

    Couple questions: Did you measure how much lift the springs gave you? Did you notice any difference in ride quality? what did you do about shocks when you went to these springs?
  17. Geometry bracket for level

    That crossed my mind, but also while looking g at lift kits that have been coming out some of the overland kits come with similar brackets along with adjustable arms to keep the control arms closer to level with the pavement. My understanding is it improves the ride. And Most off-roading I do is...