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  1. A Spring trip in the Gladiator in Montana!

    A video of the Gladiator venturing out into the Spring!
  2. Tops! Canopy / covers / toppers / racks possibilities for Gladiator - Show me!

    I'm thinking on building my own.... it will be more vertical with the cab, it will be a solid welded frame that sits exactly over and inside angle on the bed. I will run some dimpled steel supports up the middle. It will sit below the roof line even with the drip rails. Then it will have RTT...
  3. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    I would love to make ours a little more aggressive... just not putting that sort of money into it right now! But free... that would be awesome!
  4. Pictures of 33s and 35s

    Stock rubicon launch edition take offs on a Sport max tow. 3/4 puck in the rear 1.5 inch puck for the front. I'm sure with trimming you could get to 37's... the route would be through using rubicon fenders and then trimming them to nearly flat fenders. Right now, I have a set of great tires to...
  5. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Yeah... I have black cloth seats... so a little neoprene over them will be great with the top off. They are eventually going to make the rear seat from what I've seen.
  6. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    It is Kryptek camo in blaze orange...
  7. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Found some front seat covers to match the punk'n…. by coverking. They match really close!
  8. Overlanding, with or without trailer?

    I made my own... I do base camp it a lot, on more difficult trails it is normally my return point. Thus far no one has stolen anything. I also took it on the White Rim trail years ago... it was great have 15 gallons of water and room for lots of food for two other jeeps. I still go without it on...
  9. Why go slow off-roading?

    The worst accidents on quads or 4x4's that I have ever came across on trials all had to do with excessive speed. If you read through the accident lists within the off-roading world… speed is a huge factor. Put a branch through the radiator and into the cab, or rolled three times on a sharp turn...
  10. Kenitic energy rope retrieval.

    It would also be better if possible to pull forward in your lowest gear... towing and reverse should only be done for lighter loads... Ring and pinion strength is much greater towing when you are in forward gear. Sometimes we can't turn around... but if you can... it is better to hit it with...
  11. Giveaway: Hothead Headliner For JT Jeep Gladiator!

    This would be "cool"... cough cough…
  12. Max Tow Package Availability? Now a Max Payload thread

    I'm ok having a collectors edition... lol!
  13. What is the difference in the stock mad tow shock vs the fox rubi shock.. the shocks only?

    I think the shocks are maybe even stiffer on the high end, they rebound or damping is what it slightly softer in its feel. I put the spacers in to be sure the shocks were operating as close as possible to what length they were designed for. They might have been fine without spacers... I just...
  14. What is the difference in the stock mad tow shock vs the fox rubi shock.. the shocks only?

    I have a max tow... and I swapped in the Fox shocks... someone was selling them for 200 bucks... there is a slight difference in the feel of the Fox shocks... smoother on washboard and such. They are a little longer... the Rubicon springs are 3/4 of an inch higher or so... so I put in spacers...
  15. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    My fuel mileage at 800 miles on it is at 18.6.... but I'm running 33 inch tires and have 410's.
  16. First trail with Gladiator (left with under 500 miles on the Truck!)

    I have a lot of videos of Jeep trails and backcountry roads I put up. This is the first featuring our Gladiator. All my vids are a combo of video and photography, and they feature many different styles and types of music...(bagpipes, opera, Rap, Rock, Country, stuff from around the world) but...