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  1. 315/70/17 vs 35x12.50x17

    Please let us know if we can help.
  2. 315/70/17 vs 35x12.50x17

    zOlt3c PM coming your way.
  3. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    -UPDATE- The participation for this is so great to see - thank you to all that contributed!!! Without further odo... the winners are: Discount Tire Dry Bag with Miscellaneous SWAG: @Incommando Grand Prize - Discount Tire Backpack with Discount Tire SWAG: Redneck_Jedi (JLwranglerforums...
  4. 34 Inch Tires on Stock Sport S?

    As Incommando said you will be fine to run them. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.
  5. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Another good looking Gladiator in front of a tiny house.
  6. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    LAST DAY TO ENTER :rock:
  7. New Jeeper! Need help! How the he-double hockey sticks do I figure out the wheels & tires?!?!

    Good looking Gladiator Onedge, nice stance as well. Welcome to the forum and the addiction GWKIGRL. There is tons of excellent information on this forum and very helpful people. Sounds like you are going down the right path. If we can be of assistance please let us know.
  8. -18 offset vs 0 offset advise

    I would agree going with the 17x9 0 wheel would be a better look with a 285/70R-17 tire. If we can help please let us know.
  9. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Good exposure expfinn. It looks like you are ready for an adventure.
  10. Replaced the Rubi 2dr

    Welcome to the forum azrubi. What a nice clean epoxy floor. i can't wait to see the improvements. Enjoy your new Gladiator.
  11. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Thank you for posting up the awesome photos. We appreciate the support! Keep the photos coming, just a few more days to enter!
  12. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    Look like you have good taste for your new Gladiator.
  13. Spring GIVEAWAY | Tell Us About Your RIG!!!

    One week left to go to get your pictures in! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend
  14. May Savings | Stack and Save!!!

    We're pleased to offer you these savings through May 31st, 2020! Rebate equal to 5% of your total purchase price and promotional financing every day on qualifying purchases when you use your Discount Tire credit card. Plus, additional savings with select manufacturer rebates! AT THE STORE...
  15. Venomrex and 37 falken at3w

    Looks Great JJames. I hope you enjoy your new ride.
  16. We’re Digging This Comanche and Scrambler Inspired Retro Gladiator Look

    Graluc, outstanding retro look. Very unique. Thank you for sharing the photos.
  17. Just another silver JT on 37's

    A couple of great looking Gladiators. Thank you for posting photos.
  18. Short hillclimb outside Joshua Tree 4.5" lift and 38's

    That looks like a loose steep climb. Thank you for sharing.
  19. Yes I did...

    Shikgluon, Good for you, It looks like your really excited about your new Gladiator and you should be. Your dogs face look very satisfied. Have fun with your great ride.
  20. My GCM Rubicon so far

    Lookd great Kevman, thank you for sharing the transformation photos.