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  1. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Just thought I'd post up for someone browsing the thread. My JT with the 6spd passed the inspection and clutch has been engaging just fine. Hopefully the rest of you are having similar results or the issue fixed quickly.
  2. The Rear Window

    Not from Jeep but I did make the same suggestion in one of the surveys they sent out
  3. Weatherproof Sun Bonnet?

    I think this is what you are looking for OP
  4. Let's see your seatback setup

    Has anyone successfully put a rubicon seat back onto a sport? I wish those molle backs were standard for all JTs
  5. School me on sway bar disconnects.

    I have installed JKS quicker disconnects. Check them out on their website and quadratec (i think quadratec sells them cheaper and forum discount). Very easy to install and simple to use. The install does require the cutting of one small tab (I used a sawzall). Just an FYI for easy...
  6. RTT owners, are you satisfied with..

    I use the bed to hold all of hour camping gear though. My favorite part of the RTT (besides being off the ground) is having the bed space available so I have a go anywhere portable camp set up without stuffing the cab with my junk.
  7. RTT owners, are you satisfied with..

    I did not read every reply in this thread but I will post up on my experience with my tepui. It's the ruggedized version which I highly recommend. It's fairly easy to set up/take down, reliable, and comfortable. It sleeps my wife and I and our dog. I will not go back to sleeping on the ground.
  8. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    Kinda forgot I had this thread. No major changes, JKS swaybar discos installed and utilized to cross a stream after camping.
  9. Minnesnowta

    Dang, missed that one. I never look at FB unless I'm trying to sell something or buy a motorcycle.
  10. Bed Rack, Roof Rack, and RTT Recommendations Please

    saw this today
  11. Bed Rack, Roof Rack, and RTT Recommendations Please

    Got ya, yea she'll feel a little tippy moving the COG up. Just be extra careful if you disconnect the swaybar. If I see anything I'll do my best to remember this thread.
  12. Bed Rack, Roof Rack, and RTT Recommendations Please

    So I have a partial solution, not sure if it is at all what youre looking for. I used voodoo crossmembers for my bed rack. The crossmembers are removable for tall items and the tent is low profile while leaving the bed open for gear and allowing my cover to roll up. You could add a roof rack...
  13. rubi molle seat panels

    I'm going to bring this back up to the top as I have the same question as OP
  14. Amber Driving lights! Yes Please!

    Post up a pic of that?
  15. License plate with winch?

    I went with this one and added a license plate frame for looks and rigidity. JCRs looks nicer and more rigid but quite...
  16. Locker options for Sport

    It's still getting traction, it just needs a locker! :giggle:
  17. Snatch Block for Synthetic Rope

    Good advice. I will have to give my old snatch block a close inspection. For how often I use it I might just clean it up real good and save my money for other mods. The new gear is nice but sure is expensive and I have a rear bumper to buy.
  18. Snatch Block for Synthetic Rope

    So in reading the web page description it says that the pulley works with up 1/2" cable. The language makes me think its not ideal for synthetic rope.
  19. Snatch Block for Synthetic Rope

    yea there seems to be quite a few advantages (creature comforts) with the only downside being cost