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  1. Is this a new orange color for the 2021 Gladiator?

    I like it too - a lot. Reminds me of GM's Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic. Now if they could just get a decent yellow or forest green added to the palette for the JT... ;)
  2. "Bed Bars" or "Light Bars", anyone?

    Hello All, Does anyone know of any "bed bars" or "Light Bars" that are currently under development for the JT? Not really wanting a "bed rack" or "ladder rack" style as is currently the rage for the Gladiator. I know, they are definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and the usual objections...
  3. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    “The designer also believes hardcore Jeep fans would embrace an electric Wrangler because the core DNA of that particular model is in its abilities to tackle rugged and rough terrain. Improve that even further, via electrification, and the loyalists, he believes, will continue to stay true to...
  4. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    Given the description of events, sounds like the directive to "make arrests" was spot on. A healthy application of cuffed and stuffed was definitely required in that circumstance.
  5. LMAO Jealous people

    Well, the comment came from the cesspool known as FB -- gotta consider the source.
  6. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    Low life scumbags are always ruining things for the rest of us. "By the time the gathering ended, more than 180 attendees had been taken into custody on numerous unrelated charges. The sheriff said charges included assault, driving without wearing a seat belt, DWI and public intoxication. " I'm...
  7. F'in death wobble on my JT

    Lighten up. I explicitly said I was talking about people NOT in this thread, but the Jeep world in general. Here are my exact words -- again: "I'm not talking about people in this thread, but the Jeep world in general ". Your described experience sounded fairly severe and I honestly don't...
  8. Bobbed Gladiator

    When I first read the thread title, I was thinking it was going to be weird. But, you know, after seeing the pics, it's much better than I was imagining. I rather like the way it looks -- proportions remind me of the Hummer H2T. You *would*, however, lose the underbed spare carrier. And if...
  9. F'in death wobble on my JT

    This. Seems like some people call ANY sort of shimmy or shake in a Jeep "death wobble". Makes it seem a lot more prevalent than it actually is. (I'm not talking about people in this thread, but the Jeep world in general.) Having a tire or wheel out of round, or a wheel out of balance isn't...
  10. F'in death wobble on my JT

    More info please: Size of tires? Amount of lift? Amount of offset in wheels/running wheel spacers? Caster checked? Checked track bar mounting bosses for cracks/looseness? If its been good for 10,000 miles, and then today, suddenly, there is an issue -- kinda sounds like something let go/broke...
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Just because I'm curious: Did you remove the back half of the hard top for the install, or did you install those rear strips/panels with the top in place?
  12. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Looks great! How was the install? As you did the install, did the mounting materials give you a feeling of confidence as to the adhesive maintaining its grip long-term during the LasVegas sun's incessant beating?
  13. Real Gladiator Style Logo, not Greek Spartan

    Hey! You stole my "earth" logo that I stole from Stargate!!! :LOL:
  14. CB or Ham, the better route?

    I tend to agree. People in general tend to have the attitude "If it was tough when I tried to join, it should be just as tough for everyone after me!" It takes foresight to actually see how such policies are self-centered and can hurt the hobby/sport overall. I've been through the Technician...
  15. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Thanks! :like:
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    These look very useful. However, I didn't see them listed for the "JT" up on MORE's site... did you use the ones they list for the JK?
  17. Gator Swamp Fox

    Great job on the dash and steering wheel paint. That is going on my "to do" list. That's the way the uplevel Gladiators should come from the factory!
  18. Something wrong here ?

    Some tires have a 'rim protector' bump built into the sidewall, just above the bead mount surface. If that "feature" is on the tire in the OP, then the tire being too wide for the rim width would show a profile like that. edit: beat by ACAD!
  19. CB or Ham, the better route?

    No offense taken. I'm grateful for any education, as this is a brand new area for me and I have a LOT to learn. Achieving a Technician's license will be just the start of my learning, not the end! ;)
  20. CB or Ham, the better route?

    Just "ham" -- ok thanks. I'm new to the amateur radio world beyond CB, so I don't know all the vernacular. I've had a CB but most people and orgs seem to be moving towards GMRS, I suppose because of its much more relaxed licensing vs ham. Thanks again for the help. :like: