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  1. Texas Bak Revolver X4

    Lets make sure they fit, center to center of my t-track was 55 3/4" if I remember correctly
  2. Texas Bak Revolver X4

    I never had a chance to use them. I installed them but wasn't comfortable with the t-slot hardware to be secure enough. I ordered different hardware but installed my top before I could use them. Let me know if you are interested Lee
  3. Texas Bak Revolver X4

    No, I had a pair of bars made to be able to open the X4
  4. Texas Bak Revolver X4

    Here you go
  5. RLD designs pic request

    I would say 1 3/8"
  6. RLD designs pic request

    Is it just me or is the canopy disproportionate from the side view? Installed A Frontrunner rack from my JKU to hold the Wolf Packs
  7. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap
  8. RLD designs pic request

    It’s going to be a good weekend!
  9. Hard top tapping cab noise

    I didn’t completely tighten mine Once and a similar noise
  10. Hard top tapping cab noise

    Are all the hard top bolts tights?
  11. RLD designs pic request

    That's looks Great with the soft top!
  12. RLD designs pic request

    Now you're talking !
  13. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    The majority of the trouble is from SXS's and truck owners
  14. RLD designs pic request

    I was fortunate and got the last one that was available on the previous shipment, should be here Friday. It has windows which I wouldn't have ordered but I didn't want to wait any longer
  15. Texas Like New Softopper $700

    Yes, where to?
  16. RLD designs pic request

    Looks good! Is that the 50 x 72 ?
  17. RLD designs pic request

    Call Tom at Adventure Ready and see if there are any available on the next shipment
  18. Evo 2.5" Lift (True Height)

    Rubicon fenders sit about 2” higher than the sport fenders, so it’s about the same
  19. Evo 2.5" Lift (True Height)

    Top of tire to bottom of fender Rear 8" front 7.75 "
  20. Texas Bak Revolver X4

    Tonneau cover with T-slots one month old. $ 800 Also selling Yakima load bars with landing bad 1 for T slots $ 300 Yakima Front loader x 2 one month old -never used. $ 400