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  1. Is this a new orange color for the 2021 Gladiator?

    Agree on the hinges. And that looks more like Burnt Sienna than orange for all you Crayola fans out there.
  2. Harbor freight Roadshock cubes

    I don't have these but a friend with a F250 put a set on and they seem pretty bright for what he paid. And HF will replace if defective, but for that price it seems like a fair gamble.
  3. Pool in Bed?

    That is also 3,986 tap beers...just sayin. Tell your friends to bring a glass!
  4. Pool in Bed?

    If you are not moving, why not just throw a couple jack stands under there? I know you can get a good deal at Harbor Freight right now!
  5. LMAO Jealous people

    Don't talk about mining! The EPA sucks, remember! Although there was something about a data mine collapse in Seattle trapping a bunch of Amazon miners...Jeff Bezos sent a sub filled with Starbuck's macchiattos to rescue them.
  6. LMAO Jealous people

    You know, I just read this thread from start to finish. With one short statement from the OP, I am completely satisfied in my knowledge of what constitutes a real Jeep, what the correct purse is to keep one's balls in, the multiple engine displacements of a V-8, the Alabama educational system...
  7. Massive Harbor freight jack stands recall

    I agree with @ACAD_Cowboy's comment that while HF may have a big recall, it's just a matter of time before more companies are impacted (if they come clean). My six ton were not bought at HF, but they look identical, made in China, and I wouldn't doubt they were made in the same factory. They...
  8. Let’s see your EQ settings!

    I agree that the head unit is good to go minus the EQ, but I am upgrading everything else. I have the base 7" system; I would be crying if I had paid for the Alpine premium, because it's not much better (IMO).
  9. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    Any idea on the internal volume? I am about to start building a box and need .5-.6 per chamber. I imagine the width could go another foot if the amp was relocated?
  10. Yes I did...

    None! Unique Jeep and a unique look! Not sure the dog would look good in that color though...
  11. Premium subwoofer upgrade.

    Is that a custom box or a pre-fab that was loaded with the Kicker 8"s?
  12. Yes I did...

    Definitely Punk'n - and so is the Jeep! Live the dream!
  13. Three piece hard top question

    And obviously after we buy the damn things all we do is keep researching for the next mod! I call a year and a half the beginning of an ongoing quest for bigger, better and more!
  14. Three piece hard top question

    I have had no leaks yet, but it doesn't rain much here either. My previous JKU had never leaked, but I was parked at a funky angle in Seattle a couple years back during a thunderstorm and came back to small puddle on the driver side mat. No's a Jeep! In July with the top and doors...
  15. Spare Tire Delete

    Nope, just a black cover that's on top of the five lugs and wheel center.
  16. "Truck" or "Jeep"?

    I think penicillin works for that...
  17. "Truck" or "Jeep"?

    Growing up on a farm, a "truck" was something that we loaded 20,000 lbs of wheat or barley into, usually with at least one set of dually axles (think F-650). Then you stepped up to the "semi" to go to the grain elevator to load onto barges for the trip to Portland. The F150 was the "pick-up". So...
  18. Spare Tire Delete

    LOL :beer: With the spare hanging there and the top off I still see nothing out the back. Fortunately with the Tazer and the camera on feature when using the turn signal the mirror isn't really needed. It will however take a while before I stop looking at it and wondering why I can't see...
  19. Spare Tire Delete

    Visibility is overrated! Take the top off then you get loads of visibility
  20. Spare Tire Delete

    I took the spare out from under the bed and put it in the bed.