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  1. We’re Digging This Comanche and Scrambler Inspired Retro Gladiator Look

    Very nice, reminds me of the Scrambler and nice take on the JT Scrambler Concept
  2. Leaked Full-Bodied CAD Drawing of 2020 Jeep Gladiator (JT), Sources Says Four-Door Only

    I like you theory of multiple bed sizes! If we can't get a 2-door Gladiator at least give us multiple bed size options.
  3. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Hits Dealer System - 1st Official Look @ Engines, Options, Packages, Features!

    I know we just recently saw spy pics here of the diesel JL but it's a relief to see it actually see the diesel model in the Jeep dealer computers!
  4. JT/JLU will be 8 inches longer and based on Ram platform?

    Umm the article's claim makes no sense. If the JT pickup was riding on a Ram 1500 platform, the prototype's track width wouldn't be sticking out so much with the Ram bed. Look how much it sticks out compared to the Ram 1500.
  5. Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck (JT) Spy Pics and Videos!

    Doesn't look that huge. It'll still be a mid sized pickup and smaller than the smallest Ram truck. And there'll be a 2 door version if the 4 door version is too long for ya. Just hasn't been spied yet I think.
  6. FCA CEO: JL Wrangler is "Perfect"; JT Pickup to be built on Wrangler platform

    I think it's a make or break part of the car for a lot of ppl and if it changes a lot it'll be the most controversial too. I doubt any Jeep official would get detailed on talking about it though.
  7. Motor Trend: JKU vs. FJ

    Another big reason is nobody really care about a BOF rugged SUV as much as Jeep does. And by that I mean they have the most to lose by failing to deliver on such a car and sell it in big numbers. Killing off the FJ Cruiser and Xterra didn't affect Toyota or Nissan's bottomline or reputation...
  8. Our New Jeep Wrangler (2018+) Unlimited and Pickup Preview Renderings

    I have my doubts that a factory worker has seen the JL wrangler already but I bet these are close anyway. BTW the LED lighting even in renderings makes a big difference in modernizing the look of the car. The current lights suck so that'll be a very welcome change.