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  1. EAG Tube Doors

    Where are you? I'd buy the fronts from you if youwanted the rear.
  2. Anybody have experience with the new Teraflex sway bar disconnects?

    This is exactly what I was wanting. I especially like the "stored" position to place the sway bar links, so you don't have to completely remove them and risk losing somewhere.
  3. Tire change/ programmer *advice*

    Ok thanks. Is the only effect on the tire change the speedo? Or would adding 2 inches to tire diameter mess with the transmission at all?
  4. Tire change/ programmer *advice*

    I am looking at upgrading my sport's stock H/T's to some Rubicon takeoffs. I've read that if you increase tires size, it may require a programmer (Tazer?) to set the shift points. Will a change from 30/31's to 33's need that, or would that be for a more extreme tire size change? Thanks
  5. We’re Digging This Comanche and Scrambler Inspired Retro Gladiator Look

    I was with you about deleting the Rubicon decal, but doing a new one in the same color scheme with retro font might look really cool.
  6. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    This give away would give me the perfect justification to my wife to upgrade from my highway tires.