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  1. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    I saw the craziness last year and said I would not be going back. So glad I stayed home
  2. Colorado WTT JL Rubicon for JT Rubicon wheels (for purchase considered, as well)

    I wish you were closer to San Antonio. Been wanting to swap to JLR wheels and I have those exact JT wheels.
  3. Mopar tri fold hard bed cover

    I have that cover with linex on mine without the TRS. Mounts to the bed rails not a TRS
  4. Just another silver JT on 37's

    Been thinking about going that route as well. How is the ride compared to stock? Not trying to make the JT ride as rough as my JK.
  5. Good deal or Pass?

    Changed my statement. Lol. Missed part of the quote. Pretty close to what I got with military and tread lightly
  6. Good deal or Pass?

    Looks like they bumped them to $57k
  7. Good deal or Pass?

    If you are willing to drive to San Antonio, IPAC has 2 launch editions on the lot. One is lowered to $55k. I think it’s worth the extra $3k over the north edition
  8. 2nd visit to the Service department now

    I’m dealing with the same issue as everyone else. 3rd visit, 800 miles, service ESS warning and check engine light for misfires. The dealer told me to not park my Rubicon on inclines or let it get below 1/4 tank and that will fix it. Lol. Guess it’s time to read up on Texas lemon laws
  9. Thinking about on board air compressor ...

    Check out I have their system on my JK. Plan to put it on the JT also. Airs all 4 up and down pretty fast. He has specs on the site for different size tire fill times
  10. Texas Check In

    Hey everyone. Just got my JTR here in San Antonio