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  1. Bring a boot/wheel lock for road trip?

    Sounds like you got everything ironed out but just another tip (if you have a Tazer Lite/Mini installed) is to set the hood alarm function. I know you said you already have hood locks though.
  2. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JT Gladiator!

    THANK.YOU. Very excited for this raffle :)
  3. Select tire fill assist question

    According to the youtubes, both these videos mention the honk. I wish my JTR had this feature :(
  4. Fridge in bed on slide

    ^^ this is correct ^^ The 63qt ARB Elements fridge has plenty of room just sitting there in the bed. I believe the JT bed is 18" tall...
  5. 2021 Giveaway Gladiator and Wrangler - Northridge4x4

    You all rock! I'm patiently waiting for the Jan 14th-ish drawing date to roll around too :)
  6. Synergy Brace Long Term Experience

    I'll add that I have the "set screw" version but have not looked at the hole alignment. I will say that when I apply grease, I do see it ooze out so I assume I'm still aligned. To that extent, I found myself greasing it when the steering begins to creak or pop as I turn the wheel. A pump or...
  7. Synergy Brace Long Term Experience

    I've had the brace on my JTR since July 2020 and about 13,000mi added. I also have an alloy box with no issues prior to brace but figured I'd go full Synergy up front with my lift and 37's. I installed the brace the day before my lift went on with OEM wheels and tires still. I felt there was a...
  8. Garbage / Trash Can?

    The Roll-Up Dump Pouch from BROG is more compact and minimal too. Nice that these can be wiped or rinsed out.
  9. Garbage / Trash Can?

    Love my headrest trash bag from Blue Ridge Overland...
  10. Oscillating Squeaking Noise When Cold

    Ha, you know I noticed the same thing as well now that it's frosty cold in CO now. I shrugged it off as, like you said, it goes away after about 10 wheel revolutions. I'm not even sure if it's coming from the front or back. I heard it one day and thought "is that my truck"? I might investigate...
  11. Fridge in bed on slide

    Bump it up... Refreshing an older thread here but to the OP's original ask about the Rebel Off-Road fridge mount... it's WORTH it! I wish I would have bought this originally before drilling holes in my bed. I mounted my ARB 63qt on a pair of Accuride sliders that are attached to the Xplor...
  12. Bed Rack and Roof Top Tents

    Hey there, No standoff brackets needed, in fact there's no need to use any of the RotoPax plate brackets... simply attach the "bowtie" piece directly to any slot in the side plates you'd like with the two 1/2" bolts
  13. Water Tank - 19.9 gal on-board / removable custom solution

    Thanks! To be honest this was the original plan before the shower was even considered. Not having to move the 5gal blue jugs in and out of the bed after everything is packed just for a drink of water is nice :)
  14. How To: Stop the key fob key from popping open

    +1 on this... works great.
  15. Gladiator: Bed Water Tank

    Yes, I've done all of this already with a write-up = here
  16. Constant-Load Springs/Suspension Setups?

    Please see my post here as my setup is also heavy. I'm running rear 3.5" Clayton springs (highest triple spring rate currently on market) just to achieve a 3" lift. I'm running their 2.5" front springs. Shocks are your issue if you're bouncing. The Falcon SP2 3.3's on soft shaft setting and...
  17. PowerTrays electrical mounting plate for Switch-Pro

    Hey everyone, I just noticed on PowerTray's website tonight that they have made a JT/JL electrical tray. I've had one of these on my FJ Cruiser when I owned it and it made wiring easy and clean. I'm going to be placing my order to mount my Switch Pro. Looks like they are even honoring Black...
  18. Clayton Off Road Frankenstein build

    Looks killer! So you got that 37" spare to fit?
  19. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    Amazing! I've watched every youtube video (twice) and entered.
  20. Clayton Suspension with falcon shocks.

    I would recommend to loosen all (8) control arm bolts in front (and rear) as well as both track bar bolts. Bounce it up and down to see if that helped then tighten everything back to the proper torque spec. Not sure who installed your lift but if it was a shop that cranked everything on the...