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  1. Bed cover with rack

    I'm really liking the Max Modular with the special brackets to keep the factory roll up cover on.
  2. What do you use your rear power for?

    I have a Goal Zero battery I plug into the bed outlet - then I normally run my Dometic fridge off the Goal Zero or anything else I need power for. I don't have to rely on the Jeep being on then as I will get full time power.
  3. Indiana Kb voodoo universal premium bed rack

    These look like they would be great for anyone with a Tonneau Cover (would assume one of few would work with the Gladiator soft cover) the way they come out from the sides. Do the mounts fit in the factory rail?
  4. Pennsylvania WTB Rubicon OEM steel bumper

    I'm looking for as well (Virginia)
  5. Florida Rubicon OEM Metal Front Bumper

    Dang … I'm 760 miles. Sounds like a good one for Yellow1098.
  6. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    I actually went with the Mopar over raingear because the Mopar was lighter material and believed easier to stuff behind or under seat so always have with me. Both look like good products - if I was storing my Jeep outside all the time and wanted flexibility to cover with top on I would have...
  7. Mopar cover experience and effectiveness

    I have heard good things about. I ordered from sponsor here allmoparparts this week - look up benny he will give you an even better discount. There was a recent youtube review
  8. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Don't all gladiators with factory tow option have factory 7-pin. That is what I was assuming with the Bluetooth brake controller then being plug and play (the OP was not comfortable doing wiring).
  9. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    I can't say I know how the current plug in back is wired - I'm assuming from your comments some pins are not active on the factory plug. I was just going by the OP saying he was not comfortable wiring a brake controller.
  10. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Running a power wire from the front to rear is pretty easy on the gladiator.
  11. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    Just get a Bluetooth brake controller and don't worry with wiring then
  12. Tube doors or no tube doors

    I have mine off - but in garage. I did just order a few days ago the Mopar Cab Cover.
  13. Tube doors or no tube doors

    Warn Tube Doors
  14. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    I would have to go look but I seem to remember the diesel having slightly less tow rating. Edit: found good article on - diesel expected to have 500 lbs. less towing
  15. Tube doors or no tube doors

    Here is off
  16. Tube doors or no tube doors

    I really like the look with tube doors. I think Tube Doors give it more aggressiveness and they don't interfere with view out and around.
  17. Adding BT speaker..

    The speaker does play along when docked (I didn't think it did because mine locks up a lot and needs reset - doesn't play along then). However, it playing along or not is not much of a big deal as it doesn't add a lot of output and its right behind the seat. I personally wouldn't bother...
  18. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Cab Cover New Mopar OEM 82215600

    thanks - I sent you PM
  19. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Cab Cover New Mopar OEM 82215600

    Before seeing this thread I just ordered one of these from you about 10 minutes ago - it had no indication of backorder ??? There was a code to use? Please let me know if you can. thx
  20. Memorial Day Shopping

    Some cheap little first things I did to satisfy my itch to make changes - 1. Updated the antenna with one of the short stubby black ones 2. Added American flag decals to both sides behind rear doors 3. Added the storage organizer into arm rest (much cheaper on Amazon then Quadtratec) 4...