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  1. Black and gold gladiator

    Dude, I like your build. Nice attention to detail. Being a Smokey and the Bandit fan I've always liked that black and gold theme.
  2. South Carolina JTs

    Just picked my Pumkn Overland JT. I'm in Fort Mill just 1 mile over the board south of Charlotte. Ready for Modding!
  3. Launch Editions

    Its always worth a try. Get your affiliate pricing. That's 1% below invoice plus current rebates. Could get you close.
  4. What Would Be A Good OTD Price on this Jeep

    Yep seeing the same up to $9k off Overland
  5. Good deal on used Rubicon?

    I'm seeing new Rubicans similarly equipped for that amount. With employee pricing and dealer incentives you can see $4k-$6k off. Unless the previous owner upgraded the wheels and tires. You could get a better deal.
  6. 2020 Rubicon - Good Deal?

    Nearly 20% discount off MSRP is pretty darn good price. I'm looking to pull the trigger on similar pricing myself. I'm just holding off until next week to see if they are going to through more on for the Memorial Day Sales. If sales have not been strong the first half of the month, there might...
  7. JT20 Build

    Very cool concept. Looking to see you bring that to life!
  8. Cost for regearing

    Makes sense. Thanks Mud
  9. Cost for regearing

    Spartacus your set up is just awesome! Congrats ! One last question on this why 4.88 and not 5.13 ?
  10. Advertised prices are not the same when you call dealership.

    Auto sales are down to the lowest levels since 2008 -2009, but the automakers stopped production so no big surplus are clogging up the lots. The dealers still have cash from all of the good deals that they made (bad for us). Once this cash starts drying up they will be more ready to deal. I...