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  1. 2021 Giveaway Gladiator and Wrangler - Northridge4x4

    So exciting! Are y’all going to be building up both Jeep’s as well? It was fun watching the gladiator build and would be fun seeing 2 Jeep’s done up right!
  2. What cleaning and detailing products do you use?

    I had a teacher back in the day that always said the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. You really shouldn’t be able to hurt anything from doing an exterior if you do a full detail and open the hood and clean the engine bay, avoid battery terminals, alternator and make...
  3. Missouri Rubicon steel rear bumper with tow hooks

    Looking for a rubicon takeoff rear bumper with tow hooks...prefer to have one without sensors.
  4. Can I put 35s on my 17" stock rims and without lifting it?

    To the OP, the answer is yes. If you are concerned with running a 12.5 wide tire on a stock rim look into the kendas. They are a 35x10.5R17. There is a whole thread about them here with a lot of pics and part is you can find them for around $170-190 a tire.
  5. Best place to get rear rubicon fenders?

    Bam discount wholesale is a great can usually google a promo code as well. I have had a lot of luck with them
  6. Missouri Wtb white rubicon hood

    Like the title states, looking for a white Rubi hood...willing to buy outright or trade a white sport hood plus cash.
  7. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Love the look of these tires on the willys rim! I wish I would have waited for the willys...and the diesel! Nice color choice btw!
  8. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Interesting 2020 was off almost exactly what the tire size calculator said until I recalibrated with a tazer. This was also GPS confirmed from my phone compared to the Speedo but I also have the six speed manual so that could be the difference. Maybe a 2020 auto transmission fellow...
  9. North Carolina Max Tow fenders North Carolina

    You are correct, same size as factory LED
  10. Georgia Max Tow Fenders/Lights/Liners

    Have you sold these yet? If they are, I am in Missouri...where in Georgia are you?
  11. Tips for storage/sitting for periods of time.

    Awesome advise and appreciate the expertise! Any particular brand of battery maintainer you would recommend? I am leaning towards CTEK but open to suggestions
  12. Tips for storage/sitting for periods of time.

    Thanks for the will be in my climate controlled garage so all is good there...only critters I have to worry about are my kiddos being careless!
  13. Tips for storage/sitting for periods of time.

    I have had my Gladiator for almost a year now and have built it up to be my weekend warrior. It is my daily but only have put 7,500 miles on it this year with everything going on in the world. My job is changing to where I am going to be doing a lot more driving so in an effort to save miles...
  14. Need a source for OEM Rear LED tail lights (like Rubicon)

    No worries, when I get home on Wednesday I can take a picture. Off the top of my head, I would think it could work. My only concern would be the wiring out of the housing might be different...unless the actual housing is fine and you are only replacing the lens.
  15. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Funny thing is, getting the manual scored another bonus point for me so my wife couldn’t drive it!
  16. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    I have a manual, and love it. That was a big selling point for me. You will hear some don’t like it...first is too short (but needed if you crawl) and after I put on 35’s I never use 6th gear usually 4th sometimes 5th on HWY. definitely take one for a test drive but if you enjoy driving a...
  17. Need a source for OEM Rear LED tail lights (like Rubicon)

    Can’t speak for him but I did and very happy with them. Also google and you can find some coupon codes.
  18. Delete thread...

    Delete thread
  19. Running 4 spares as daily drivers?

    I am running the kendas and love them...for a 35 tire and only 10.5 wide they are awesome and a great price! I actually am working on a set of steelies with the factory 31” for looong road trips to save the kendas. Keep us posted on what you do. There are good threads for kendas our there
  20. Are seat covers worth it?

    To each their own, my PRP seat covers in my opinion look waaaay better than stock. The only way they do not look OEM are the center console and if you look closely under the headrest you can see they are covers but after they settle in, they look like professional. That’s what’s great about...