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  1. Hard top glass randomly breaking?

    Well that looks horrible, I will say they went the cheap route with glass strength in the JL and JT.
  2. Clock not keeping time

    well possible good news for all who have these issues, jeep has called me back stating in the first quarter of 2021 they will be sending out an update for these radios that is suppose to fix the time and a few other issues. heres hoping
  3. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    No idea, mine is more a scrape but dealership had it a week and says they can't figure it out. One of those drive it until it breaks more things I guess. Hope you find the issue, my gladiator seems to be piling on jeep issues with no fixes in sight
  4. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    Went to the dealership, guess what I got it to replicate the first time I tried. Now they are going to look more into it today and Monday
  5. What Jeep stuff did y’all get for Christmas?

    " insert sad jeep noises here " nothing had to leave her Christmas eve again for bad scraping noises in the suspension somewhere. No dressing up the jeep with lights this year :(
  6. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    Get a lawyer, it's a jeep and you can't even drive through mud without it breaking?, that's crazy they need to stand behind their product. I'm in a less sever but similar boat with FCA just saying they won't do anything. Seems a common theme with anything FCA these days sadly.
  7. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    Well, three days at the dealership. claim they can't hear it, Saturday I go back to show them how someone diagnoses a sound...service woman told me she heard it as the tech drove off. Same tech who says he heard nothing. Top it off they closed early for Christmas eve and forgot to mention it...
  8. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    First thing I did, nothing there, it sounds more like a suspension related issue
  9. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    If they can't figure it out I may have to try it but I can't see how it would last long in our harsh winters. Getting worried as the sound has been happening more frequently and getting louder since I posted.
  10. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    Is yours stock? Mine is a max tow stock atm. The noise has gotten louder as I've driven more these past few weeks and occurs more if I have weight in the bed, which is why I think it's from the rear.
  11. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    It's a stock max tow. As far as the control arms everything seems tight. Had to make an appointment with a second stealerahip. First one near me is lazy, their response to everything, including the steering for awhile was it was a jeep thing... rather drive 45 miles away to get a real...
  12. Scrape sound over bumps or dips in!

    My gladiator started making what I described as a tire scrape like sound over bumps or bigger dips in the road. I want to say it's the rear because when it dips down I can faintly hear it in the cabin. I looked back there everything looks secure...not even to 11k miles yet. I hoped it was just...
  13. Custom graphics for my Mojave!

    It'll look great with those decals
  14. EZUFT??? Have you seen this?

    Just seems like they would leak or fly off at some point. Not to mention rattle and bounce around on the highway
  15. Hard top noises - not wind noise

    With my gladiator I ditto on the velcro strips for rattles and I used 3M silicone paste safe for auto seals off Amazon but I had the same squeak crackle sound. I gave an extra turn in my driver rear freedom panel slide latch. Quieted some rattling but then I realized those same plastic rear...
  16. Clicking noise** when opening drivers side door..

    My gladiator has it as well, it's from a cracked internal door weld seam. No fix, they can replace the door but the replacement will get it as well. Dealership admitted to me it is a design flaw from the 2018 JL and up, they will all eventually get this as doors age. Mine got it at 7k miles.
  17. ALL Steering gear orders (NOT) cancelled !!!

    Wow...., glad I got mine done early. I was a little worried probably being the first one for my dealership but then again the thing would need tons of correction to the steering wheel to drive before. It's much better after. Now if they would just fix the electrical issues with the radio and hvac
  18. Is anybody happy with the new Gladiator

    Love...hate relationship. 5 inch Radio has been replaced but the firmware shorting out pop has been in the wrangler since 2018 continues. Ac also comes on at random even when have set for facing forward and on full heat, in winter.. Jeep " cares " has been no help and the dealers,
  19. Impressions after having STEEL steering box TSB completed

    Must have got lucky, a few days after insisting it was real and bringing a copy of the TSB they did it. Definitely needed, should really be a recall than a TSB. The more I drove mine, slowly but surely the steering was getting worse.
  20. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Attempted to use anti friction tape from Amazon to silence the rear two outer edge freedom panel back slide levers. They rub with rough roads and emit a horribly loud squeaking sound. Long story short tape didn't live up to it's name. Not really slippery. I Went back to putting the 3M adhesive...