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  1. For all you Jeeple...

    Yup. It’s just too perfect
  2. Spare tire worth the upgrade?

    I go offroading Full size is a must I did keep the stock steel wheel so the spare won't get into the rotation and will last me for another set of tires after this one
  3. Jeeps Parking Next To Jeeps

    My Jeep found a friend while I was hiking today
  4. Finally placing my order!

    How about limited slip? Hard top? This is similar to what I would have ordered if I would have ended up ordering
  5. Steering Wheel Wear

    Yeah, I thought of that, but I wear one of those silicon rings because I'm terrified of losing my finger:LOL:
  6. Steering Wheel Wear

    Well, I live in Arizona I thought of that as well, but I haven't even had this truck for 6 months
  7. Steering Wheel Wear

    Has anyone else had any issues with premature wear on the steering wheel? The leather on the top of my wheel looks like a car that has 100k miles on it, not 8800. Maybe I just got some bad leather Would this be covered under warranty?
  8. Schnebly Hill Trail, AZ, Badge of Honor Trail

    I went downhill Easy peasy, great views
  9. Schnebly Hill Trail, AZ, Badge of Honor Trail

    I'm going this weekend with a work buddy. So what's the consensus, up or down?
  10. Would a tune or gear change help bad MPG with 35 inch tires?

    What's "crap?" I get about 17 city and 20 highway with 3.73s, 35s, and a recalibration My average is usually right around 19 since I do more highway driving than city
  11. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    I just watched the video on this, that isn't even rocking mud that hard I did way more to my Rebel and they ended up selling it as certified used
  12. Rubicon 392 starts in mid $70k's

    That's less than I thought tbh
  13. How clean do you keep your machine?

    My whole street is a construction zone and I like to go wheeling so its hard to keep clean
  14. What's more rare on the road?

    I see High Altitudes the least, followed by Overlands. Sport S, Mojave’s, and Rubicon’s are everywhere
  15. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    I've heard that whole dealer group is a dumpster fire My buddy is a surveyor and his company buys 4x4 Libertys and new Cherokees. He has to do light wheeling for work but since it's in the Sierras "light wheeling" is a different thing than most places. He's broken a few tranny pans and oil...
  16. 37 regrets

    The only regrets I have is not getting 37s when I got 35s. Although I'd really have to lower my gears from the stock 3.73s so that's what I keep telling myself
  17. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    I went with the Basic B**ch wheels