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  1. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of a true base model?

    what is the point of you pointing that out?
  2. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    my point being a factory flat paint option would not necessarily be more expensive than the factory based colors with the clear coat. I asked you to provide proof of your claim. Seems fair enough.
  3. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    prove it, chief
  4. What are your thoughts on the likelihood of a true base model?

    2WD gladiator or wrangler... what is the point???
  5. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    flat paint would be cheaper than either shiny with clear coat or bedliner
  6. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    odd because military uses that and I dont think that decision is because it costs more
  7. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    not to mention my matter/antimatter device that allows for time travel. this is cleverly disguised by FCA as a clock that loses time
  8. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    lol..well the pepto bismol is real
  9. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    Ak 47 bazooka Surface to air missle launcher and ordinates grenades oh and pepto bismol
  10. Minnesnowta

    you should be fine with sport s and 285 70 17 tires... that is what I run
  11. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    very nice.. I never understood why tgey never offered a factory version of this or at least a flat paint version of colors
  12. (Stupid?) Question About Oil Filter

    well I say it is a big difference between popping tge hood and changing the filter as opposed to crawling under the jeep to change the oil....
  13. Soft Top Noise 78+

    I have the premium soft top. almost 14k miles.. havent had that issue... mine has been relatively quiet... maybe tighten your latches... dunno
  14. vibration at idle?

    by vibration do you mean the engine seems to be running poorly? As in rough idke/mis firing?
  15. Near Death Experiences

    you win, dude
  16. Jeep Gladiator - happy owners? seeing scary stuff in the repair forums

    almost 14k miles, aluminum steering box, no issues with steering.. . only issue is clock losing a few minutes every couple of weeks
  17. Curiousity poll

  18. Clock not keeping time

    mine has popped twice.... definitely annoying
  19. Stock Jeep Support Group

    yep.. that is what I figured.. thanks for the cogent reply to my post
  20. How much snow should be on ground before using 4x4

    I have 2 60 lbd bags, one over each wheel well helps to have some weight in the back.. of course good tires.. at least AT that are winter rated helps too