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  1. Rock Krawler 3" X Factor JT System

    I think you still need shocks but I know YOU WILL LOVE IT when it’s done.
  2. Curt Brake Harness C51459

    I was asking where it is in the Ram harness. I have a Ram harness from my Tekonsha controller and could modify the end to match the Curt Spectrum IF the diode is before that plug. I’ve ordered the 51527 but Curt is having shipping issues. I’m using the knee bashing Tekonsha for now and want to...
  3. Curt Brake Harness C51459

    Where is the diode located in the Ram Harness? What direction is it installed? Where can I get the diode?
  4. Finally available! > 2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories - Trailer Brake Controller - 82215652

    For those of you that have successfully adapted a Ram harness to install a Curt Spectrum........ Does it perform it’s calibration every time you start your Jeep or only when you connect a trailer?And with or without engine running? Just ignition on/off? What is the correct conditions/sequence to...
  5. Curt Brake Harness C51459

    Too bad I didn’t see this post earlier. I bought the Curt Spectrum several months back as well as a harness made for the Ram 1500. I installed it over the weekend forgetting to swap the wires and it would light up and I could switch modes and all but when I hooked up a trailer it did not do...
  6. Tazer JL Mini

    Was it an update or recall issue? If it was a recall issue, what was it for?
  7. Tazer JL Mini

    Oh great. I suppose it’s another unadvertised feature LOL Jeep cares! Are you listening?
  8. Gears for 37" tires

    Are you saying that the failure rate goes up due to smaller pinion diameter? Is there any data showing the failure rate?
  9. Why don't they make a Gladiator that looks like this....

    Looks like the buggy from Fantasy Island.......... Da PLANE, Da PLANE!
  10. Gladiator Mojave vs Rubicon Suspension Flex Test (RTI - Ramp Travel Index)

    It’s driving me crazy to see pics of Fox Rear remote shocks on the Mojave JT while Fox denies having any Available and or will not divulge any release dates for When I might get them. I need a pair to complete my build with the 3” Rock Krawler No Limits Pro kit. I have the Fox 2.5’s on the...
  11. Heater/AC blowing hot air at 60 or higher

    I have had the same issue and found that if I leave it in Auto mode it doesn’t happen. In my case if I use manual mode then I get the problem and ONLY if I direct the air to the dash vents. It seems if you use only the floor vents in manual then it’s OK. So the conditions I’ve found wherE...
  12. Michigan JT Rock Rails.... BRAND NEW! Coming soon!

    Sure. You’re welcome to pick them up if you like. Let me know what day and time and we can arrange it. My schedule is open right now with all this virus stuff going on. Cash payment please.
  13. Michigan JT Rock Rails.... BRAND NEW! Coming soon!

    Yes they are. I forgot all about them until now LOL.. Where in Michigan are you? I’m in Lapeer.
  14. Quadratec winch and Remote pairing problem

    Yes. I called Quadratec and they exchanged the entire winch. They said the problem is in the circuitry built into the winch on their early releases. Sounded like a small defective batch got out into the market but was caught and remedied. You may want to give them a call and tell them the...
  15. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave - Review & Off Road Test by KBB

    I’m not planning huge air time where I would make a hard landing and bottoming out the suspension anyway so they’re not something I would be adding. When I get back to work I can investigate and get more detail as to the actual design differences between Rubi and Mojave. HEY! Where did you...
  16. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave - Review & Off Road Test by KBB

    68341367AC Should be available on Mopar site OR through dealerships once it’s in production for a bit. They need to stock spares for repair. Likewise with the rear shocks I need. I don’t think they did anything special for mounting the hydraulic bumps. Should be a direct swap-out for the non...
  17. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave - Review & Off Road Test by KBB

    We LOVE Silver Lake! We’ll be going back this summer with the JT no doubt. I used to have a Polaris RZR Turbo 4 that I pumped up to 200 HP and took it out there with paddles on it. Had a blast getting air time blasting over the crest of “Test Hill”. Felt like a 5 second flight. What a...
  18. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave - Review & Off Road Test by KBB

    My build uses the Fox 2.5 Shocks with DSC (Adjustable) and I’m waiting for the rear set to come out which are Fox 2.5’s (Piggybacks). I also have the Rock Krawler 3” Pro-X No-Limits so It will be very close to a combo of Rubicon and Mojave. Best of both? Time will tell.....
  19. Rock Krawler 3" X Factor JT System

    I had to recenter my steering wheel due to readjustment of the track bar. It was off by about 70 degrees Clockwise and caused the JT to disable traction control and cruise control. Apparently there is a steering wheel position sensor that needs to be in sync with other things and because it...