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  1. This makes me uncomfortable

    Padre Island National Seashore.
  2. This makes me uncomfortable

    Probably the recent topless weekend. This is mine a couple months ago.
  3. Sport S fenders different from a Rubicon's?

    Yes. They’re the same.
  4. 2021 Gladiator High Altitude Thoughts?

    Doubling down on the flat bill crowd.
  5. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Jeeps Can Be Even More Capable Off-Roaders

    Considering electric power is better than gas power I imagine it would be.
  6. Where do you carry Freedom Panels in the vehicle?

    Truck bed. I'm not putting something in the cab that can kill me. Altho, admittedly...I have, ob occasion, put them in the backseat, standing up, when I have felt the need to pull the tops when I didn't have the case.
  7. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    I have a tendency to at least lock the rear when hitting an obstacle...but yes, I believe I was locked on them all (not the tow one) but def on the 2nd one where I lost my taillight. But you could have made it up them with LSD, just not as smoothly. Well...maybe not the second to last one...
  8. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    Well thats just tough shit. But lets just leave politics out of this hobby forum, if you don't mind.
  9. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    This is a Jeep page, right?
  10. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    The "jeep" topless weekend has been a moron show for years now, not even really a Jeep thing anymore. No way I'd go to that cesspool.
  11. LMAO Jealous people

    Wonder if that’s because they’ve been around for 13yrs with a few million being sold over that time VS the 60k gladiators that are out there, lol
  12. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    After seeing the amount of people in the rivers and at the beach lately I'm personally fine with a rain-out this weekend.
  13. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    I would think you'd want it to be rained out and keep the idiots away from each other.
  14. Why do you like or dislike Auto start stop (ESS)?

    High beams with fogs is illegal here. Tazer is probably the best option either way. I already had a Flashpaq so I went with the chip. Otherwise I would have gotten a tazer.
  15. Saw this in South Padre this weekend

    Horrid....and likely even worse to drive. But o each their own...
  16. Why do you like or dislike Auto start stop (ESS)?

    I should have said disable. Tazer does it but there's also an inline "chip" that just gives the button a memory....meaning you can leave it on or off permanently and it doesn't restart every time you turn the vehicle off/on.
  17. Why do you like or dislike Auto start stop (ESS)?

    It isn't going anywhere and the EPA incentivize automakers to use it. So unless you are going E-vehicle or never buying a new vehicle it is likely unavoidable. The incentives will continue to include an inability to permanently disable it, most likely. Unless you do what some of us have done...
  18. Your Jeep's name

    JKUR - BLACK HOLE. Because money goes in is never seen again. Plus I named all my previous black vehicles "OB1" or some variant for "Ol Black" i wanted to play off that to. JTR - License plate just says "Jeep Truck", lol. Good enough for now!! Almost named it either BH HAULR or JK...
  19. Another wheel spacer question.

    I ran the stock lift from July 3rd (day i got it) until Mid-Dec on those 37s and offroaded it in TX and CO with no issues. The pic there is with the is a MOPAR 2" with .75" spacers all around. Still no wheel spacers on it. I do have 1" spacers on the JK there.