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  1. Gladiators for sale on Avis Car Sales

    Guess if your ok with a JT with very little in it and can work a deal but I would think you could get something new for that same price or close to it. Rented one sometime back to test drive and the unit we rented had some wicked loose steering so would really keep an eye on that.
  2. Leather vs Cloth Seats

    Man I had leather in vehicle once and being here in South Texas if it sat out in the sun with no shade even the sun just coming through in the windows would fry your butt if you sat down on them. Cloth will collect any kind of pet hair, etc if you have them so just put good seat covers on and...
  3. What's In YOUR Bed?

    Looking at just the photos it doesn't appear it would. Would be nice if it did
  4. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    No way they were going to be able to stop the masses going to that thing. Right now they are having enough trouble keeping the beaches of Galveston from being overrun and getting folks to keep some distance. I will be down in Galveston this coming long weekend so it will be interesting to see...
  5. Almost 200 People Arrested and 2 Shot During Go Topless Jeep Weekend

    A lot of folks didn't want them to have it cause they felt it was going to cause nothing but problems and bring unwanted issues. They went through with it though hoping that all would be OK and folks would do the right thing and it could bring some needed dollars to the area. But unfortunately...
  6. What Would Be A Good OTD Price on this Jeep

    Yes they been trying hard to move the overlands for sometime now. Lots of Black and white Models
  7. Like a kid in a candy store

    Guys no need to get into it over some towing. Its all good and thanks for all the info. Will just see what I can get and I will be plenty happy. As I said regardless what model I will be like a kid in a candy store just to have one.
  8. Like a kid in a candy store

    Going to try to go Soft Top if possible. The idea of me getting the jeep truck is so I can open it up when riding and of course still being able to cover up quickly in the South Texas and Louisiana rain storms that pop up at any time.
  9. Like a kid in a candy store

    Yea those are the additional shooting for. I will seek out the most truck I can get but keep it in my price range. I don't want to get into a deal of paying more than I am comfortable monthly just to say I have a more fancy truck. To me its just being able to have the jeep truck even if that...
  10. Like a kid in a candy store

    Yea that is the one thing that keeps me looking at the Sport S Max tow that in the future may be towing a boat or perhaps a small to mid size travel trailer.
  11. Like a kid in a candy store

    Well if I get lucky and can find one that keeps me in my price range will certain look at it. Even if its a lightly used one as long as the steering is good. Would rather new but I have gotten very good deals on lightly used vehicles and driven them a long time. I think though I will more than...
  12. Saw a Punk'N Gladiator on a lot today

    I think I have only seen one on the lots at the Houston Dealerships. Think its a punkin rubicon
  13. Like a kid in a candy store

    By the way I did like the Granite Crystal Metallic. That would be about my favorite color outside of Gobi or Gator. Somehow I just really like the Gobi look. Not to light and not to dark. My last two vehicles were/are white and I don't want white anymore.
  14. Like a kid in a candy store

    I'll see what is the best I can get. Hopefully there will be some good deals going on next month into July. If I could find one in the price range would definitely look at the Rubicon. I have no issues even buying a slightly used one if the price is right. I usually drive and keep cars for long...
  15. Like a kid in a candy store

    My plans were to sell my truck beforehand but all this Virus stuff may make it a bit more difficult. I may talk to Carmax and some others just to see what they might offer me. Heck if its enough to cover I could live with that but would be nice to have a little extra to put toward the jeep.
  16. Like a kid in a candy store

    I have been wanting a Jeep truck since they came out but the situation was not right for it to happen and have had to wait to get myself in the right position. Everything is still looking like will be good to go around mid to late June to be able to start getting serious and trying to work some...
  17. Would you drive this

    Nope but I have seen a few others for sale at dealerships with crazy looking tires and rims similar. Looked like the dealership did the mods though and then couldn't sell the trucks so they still on the lots and asking big dollars. I guess trying to recoup their cost.
  18. Great used Gladiator

    Man I was hoping it would have hung around a bit longer. I certainly would have talked to them about it and if things would have worked out I would have made the drive or flight over and then driven it back to Texas. Red wasn't my main choice in colors but the truck had everything I wanted and...
  19. Great used Gladiator

    Looks Like someone bought your old JT. Dang I was hoping it would hang on till next month (LOL).
  20. Drove a Wrangler today... My Gladiator definitely has much looser steering.

    Good Luck I have purchased 1 Ford and my wife has purchased 1 Ford Vehicle both of them were complete pieces of trash so Fords will never be purchased by this family again. Heck my wife pretty much won't by anything but a Honda now and that is just because she has owned two of them and they were...