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  1. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    My next set will be; 39" KM3s 38" Falken Wildpeak MTs 40" Milestar or something reasonably quiet. I don't like worrying about the sidewalls or of chipping, but I haven't had a problem (knock on wood). I'm not stepping down to a 37" for any reason. The clearance on these trucks require a...
  2. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    Two weeks ago at the mountain - tires are on the Small side, I agree.. it fits inside the garage, no problem.
  3. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    $20k on axles/9 thanks
  4. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    Last weekend in Joshua Tree on Geology Tour Road.
  5. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    Lately, I have been attempting to mount my ARB RTT to my Ace Engineering Upper Decker, but this is the roadblock that has stopped all progress. The mounting systems are incompatible on each. The Upper Decker does a fantastic job of keeping dust out of the bed of the truck, but the roof...
  6. JT Gladiator Upper Decker Hinged Cargo Basket Now Available!

    Does anyone have photos of their UD and RTT mounts supporting a roof top tent?
  7. Mopar lift regrets

    On the Patagonias - as a 'crown' tire, your street pressure is actually the oem psi, surprisingly. Otherwise, you would set your tire pressure in accordance to the tire chalk test. Larger tires adjusting psi per 'Boyles law'. Look it up.
  8. Mopar lift regrets

    Front swaybar disconnected, 6" front lift/4.5" rear lift 4.5" EVO Enforcer lift. Stock driveshaft. Steer Smarts track bar. I plan on changing the driveshaft to the Adams shaft I have on hand.
  9. Mopar lift regrets

    I'm running a 4.5" EVO lift and I never installed my new driveshaft. Its been in my garage for a year.
  10. Mopar lift regrets

    JL Life makes accurate judgements. What did he say about the Mopar lift?
  11. Mopar lift regrets

    Look at the tire sidewall or consult with the tire manufacturer. I'm running stock/OEM PSI due to running Patagonias. But, PSI varies.
  12. Mopar lift regrets

    Are you sure your tires aren't overinflated? The Fox 2.0 has a decent ride.
  13. Trac bars?

    I went with Steer Smarts Yeti XD (front) and Metalcloak track bar (rear). This is for my Rubicon.
  14. 37s. Changing. Attitudes

    I started with 38" Patagonias on a 4.5" EVO lift and the only upgrade that might come eventually will be 39" BFG or 38" Falken MTs for better potential in desert and mountain trails. I'm running Steer Smarts track bar and I have the Steer Smarts Drag Link and tie rod )with aluminum tie rod to...
  15. JT Gladiator Factory Production Assembly Line Video

    I counted 117 people in the first video.
  16. FIRECRACKER RED Gladiator JT Club

    Currently under the Christmas tree 🌲
  17. 37 regrets

    I went straight to 38s and am happy that I did. My next set will be 39's.
  18. JT Gladiator Upper Decker Hinged Cargo Basket Now Available!

    What do you think about using an ARB jack for lifting the UD? I know it is heavy and takes some work to raise @Pat2Alaska
  19. EVO 4.5" / 38" desert trail Gladiator build

    After nearly one year on the 38s, they feel kinda small. I have towed a UHaul trailer around town and it didn't exhibit any quirks, but you have the feel safe out there @CallMeJoe . I plan to taking the truck more places to test the UD and it's durability across trails in my area.