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  1. Bad Mileage with 33" Tires

    This is simple: Bigger Tires MUCH Heavier tires (Are you running proper pressures ?) MUCH more aggressive tread 3.73 Gears (not great for higher loads or harder to turn wheels/tires) Lifted (Less aerodynamic) Longer engine warm up times due to outside air temp. I can tell you that that gear...
  2. Dangerous control of my Jeep over the internet

    If you are a technical person with experience in how these types of fleet control applications typically work than YES, you can (with a reasonable degree of accuracy) ... Sure, an "audit" of the entire platform end to end would yield a better understanding but good luck doing that. There is...
  3. For all you Jeeple...

    He is a proud member of "sweater wearing pussies".
  4. What size Torx driver for windshield hinge

    Its in the toolkit that is in the center glovebox ... Comes with the vehicle ... If you lost it, someone will be along with a number id expect ... Ill have to check later ...
  5. Turbo temperature gauge?

    If it was ONLY coolant temperature they were worried about, they would not care one bit about idle time before shutting down as the computer could easily keep the electric coolant pump running for any amount of time it was programmed to. These turbos are high RPM devices (Very high) ... The...
  6. RokBlokz Splash Guards Value

    Probably will be covered under warranty. Please let us know if you get a hard time.
  7. Factory all weather mats...

    Yeah no, mine are fine, have been fine, look fine, protect fine etc ... Indeed it does not protect as well as it could by the gas pedal but honestly its not an issue. If you want mats that are used in a Mercedes, than weathertech is always the best and generally most expensive too ... But...
  8. Cover King anyone have any experience with them?

    A google search for "coverking phone number" yielded the following result: Contact information Coverking is located at 900 E. Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805. Our office hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time. Currently we do not accept sales or inquiries by walk in...
  9. Cover King anyone have any experience with them?

    Maybe they are having the same issues as everyone else and are simply overwhelmed ? Have you tried calling them ?
  10. BedRug ETA

    In July last your they told me it would be out in September of last year. I put in the bedrug and the sides are coated from factory. Got tired of waiting.
  11. How much is too much....

    With those lights you will be able to find your way to the jeep dealer at night for repairs due to lack of airflow. Bonus.
  12. Environmental protection package?

    That's actually an RPP. It's a revenue protection package for the dealer. Lies lies lies. Id have that turd removed so fast your head would spin. Don't fall for it!
  13. Very curious about the typical forum member - why all the modifications?

    I think I can help here. It's my jeep and I like it. I drive it to different places to find different environments. It ain't about where you live, it's about where you go.
  14. Soft paint. Hand wash only.

    I had the misfortune of driving a buddy to pick up his new/used heritage classic at the local HD superstore. Those guys called it an investment too as they tried to up sell him BS extras. Yep. Investment.
  15. First oil change....AMSOIL 0w20 or 5w30.

    Does anyone have any real expectation or proof that using the RECOMMENDED 0w20 will ever hurt anything? Do we actually think that with high quality 0w20 changed on time harm will come? People need to get with the times. Oil of any weight is extremely high quality compared to just a few years...
  16. Soft paint. Hand wash only.

    "investment"? A jeep? Expensive toy, yep. Investment? Meh, ya got me there.
  17. Grease/Oil mark on Plastic Bumper

    Maybe some denatured alcohol? I don't think that will hurt plastic but might want to test in an inconspicuous place first. I'd say acetone if it were metal. But that would definitely hurt plastic.
  18. Ham radio install Above is a link to the cable I used ... It worked great for me ... Best of luck !