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  1. Gobi Gobbler JT Gladiator Build

    Congrats on the gobi,Love mine and built it for the mud in Florida
  2. JT Gladiator Delivery Checklist

    Dealerships are supposed to have a PDI technician to make sure all new units delivered are in excellent condition and have everything listed in the trim level.From gap integrity to floor mats they cover a lot of ground.
  3. Gobi build

    Thank you,Rough country Gets a bad rap in my opinion and I strongly believe it’s all about the installation and that applies to any lift.With that being said I will be honest with my posts.
  4. Gobi build

    All done for now,Had some TPMS issues but working the bugs out.Some minor trimming on the front bumper area-nothing major.Looks good and happy with the outcome.
  5. Gobi build

    Well everything went smoothly today just couldn’t find enough time to work on the build,Just need to finish up on the control arms,put the tires on and check it on the alignment rack.Weekend plans so definitely a Monday finish.
  6. Gobi build

    Rear was completed today,No major issues.Time consuming part is the front end and tomorrow that’s the goal
  7. Gobi build

    Ran out of time today to get more done,But have my Jeep on the lift and mounted and balanced the 40’s on the black rhino rims.Rough Country lift gets installed tomorrow,Starting to come together...
  8. Gobi build

    Lift,tires and rims arrived today so tomorrow will be a busy day.Added rock rails and a trifold to help complete the look I’m going for so stay tuned....
  9. Gobi build

    Hello to everyone I’m starting my build on my recently purchased 2020 gobi sport gladiator,I have decided to go with the 6.5 rough country lift.I researched a lot on this decision.Some people do not like rough country lifts and some love them,So on this thread we are going to find out it rough...