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  1. Real world MPG, what are you getting in your Diesel?

    First tank was 29.2 MPG, 95% highway. I think there was a tailwind helping it.
  2. First long trip review + gas mileage/gas tank rant

    11 miles. When I got into the vehicle I didn't reset the trip and the MPG was just over 18. When I stopped to fill, I took that picture.
  3. First long trip review + gas mileage/gas tank rant

    Actually it was uphill all the way, from Gupton Motors in Springfield Tenn. to North East Ohio. That's mostly north, so it has to be uphill, right? Diesel... that is what gave me the mileage. Unloaded, unmodified, new JTR.
  4. First long trip review + gas mileage/gas tank rant

    It must be that the last several vehicles, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, that I've owned have had the same issue with getting full capacity into a tank that the JT has. I usually could only stuff in somewhere between 1 and 2 gallons less than the the tank capacity. I was assuming, possibly incorrectly...
  5. First long trip review + gas mileage/gas tank rant

    They (manufacturer and EPA) don't want you to totally fill your tank because of emissions of gasoline and/or gasoline vapors from the vehicle. They must leave room for expansion of gasoline. Why? When you fill your vehicle with cold fuel from underground storage tanks, and that fuel expands...
  6. Long night, weird question....

    From: Florida Statute 776.012(2) allows the use of deadly force to prevent the commission of a forcible felony, including burglary or robbery, which includes a conveyance (meaning your car). However, to justify using deadly force, you must show...
  7. Redarc Trailer Brake Controller (Tow Pro Elite V3)

    Jeep... ugh they have 2 different panels! I just picked up my 2021 today, and it doesn't have the panel that was shown in the first post.
  8. Redarc Trailer Brake Controller (Tow Pro Elite V3)

    On Redarc's website they don't list a Jeep Gladiator harness as being available. What harness did you use to connect between the Gladiator and their controller?
  9. California Free carpet mats out of a 2021 Rubicon

    I would like them. I'll PM you.
  10. Diesel on the bucket list, did I miss the boat?

    I'm spending $3,536 to drop from 285 HP down to 260 HP... but more importantly to increase from 260 LB-FT of torque to 442 LB-FT of torque. Gaining 180 LB-FT of torque, a 70% increase, for $3,563 isn't too bad. I'm spending $18.74 for each LB-FT of torque of increase. How do I figure out my...
  11. Turbo temperature gauge?

    I have a friend who has an F-150 with an EcoBoost engine. He said that vehicle does the same thing when it is shut down, runs a coolant pump to cool down the turbo. If you have not been into the power hard for about 1 minute before you shut down, there should be no problem turning off the...
  12. Is the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller Available as an Option From The Factory on MY 2021?

    At one point in July, TRAILER BRAKE CONTROL is showing on the Order Guide it was available as option code XHC, but it's not been in the Order Guides from August on. The FWP was $356, MSRP was $395. What is also interesting is that even in the last Order Guide released in December, the Smokers...
  13. Just ordered Eco-Diesel Rubi

    I'll ask the stupid question. For the Eco-Diesel, would there be a different lift for the Rubicon vs. the non-Rubicon?
  14. 21 Granite Gladitor 6sp Found

    Yes, I forgot about the "Central Florida CDJR Value Pkg" at $1,995.00 which I didn't want, but was added to what they wanted to charge me. They didn't get my business for a few reasons, mainly because their price was so high compared to other dealers.
  15. Cold Air Intakes are a waste

    I'm spending $3,536 to get go from 285 HP down to 260 HP... but more importantly from 260 LB-FT of torque to 442 LB-FT of torque. When you drive this Gladiator, if nobody told you what is different from the Stock 3.6L, your seat of the pants dyno would tell you that you have a lot more HP than...
  16. Tennessee Under Seat Storage Bin $500

    If you didn't sell, I might be interested too. I should be picking up my Gladiator in the next week or so at Gupton Motors.
  17. 21 Granite Gladitor 6sp Found

    Without me trying to see if you are getting a good deal, have you compared that to your price to an 8% below invoice price? If you are willing to wait, you can order from Gupton Motors in Springfield, TN, and get between 6 and 8% below invoice. Why the variability, 6% is standard below...
  18. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JT Gladiator!

    Please add me to the raffle! I don't have/use Facebook so no way to enter that way, so certainly no way for me to enter twice and be disqualified, once with Facebook and once with this request.
  19. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    I'm in the same boat... waiting for a call from the dealer. Put a deposit on a JTRD on 11/17/2020, I got the VON the next day and the VIN the same week. The first page tracker for this thread had the build sheet generated on 1/5/2021, and the window sticker generated on 1/7/2021. Daniel said...
  20. Towing in the snow/ice

    If you use the F250 to tow the trailer to bring it home, you should be good. If you tow with the Gladiator, without adding the brake controller, basically the trailer doesn't have FUNCTIONAL brakes (inoperable). Even though they are physically present on the trailer, you should not be towing...