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  1. Max Tow Package Unofficial Model Name

    How about max hoe .... it’s just a joke be a good sport... 🤣
  2. Who Has Just The Soft Top????

    On the jku it’s a 20 - 30 min thing, after a few times.... and a helper because it’s big. My opinion is hard tops are enough work you won’t actually take it off regularly / comparing to when you may have put down the soft top. impromptu trips to the store, ride home from work on a...
  3. Who Has Just The Soft Top????

    I couldn’t find a soft top when I bought my jt. My jku was bought as a dual top. I have liked having both, and want to get a soft top for the jt as well (kept the jku) . I made a hard top cart and store tucked under a shelf... it’s not been bad changing them out. Honestly I’d be more...
  4. How do you clean the Gladiator?

    Winter: I wash it at the car wash this time of year because it’s winter, salt, and ive turned my valves/hose bibs off to avoid freezing. Summer: I do like to wash it at home when it’s warm, but with the Jeep that often means the top is down, doors might be off.... so when I find myself out...
  5. Who would be interested in a two door Gladiator?

    I’m probably the kind of guy that the marketing people at Jeep warn the bean counters about. I would love a two door, circle the dealerships for one, follow on line.... but then buy the 4 door... because I have to. I like my jeeps, but I’m a jku buyer and now the jt. Reality is I need...
  6. Tips to prevent adding regular gas in the Ecodiesel engine?

    I think the gas cap will also be different/green. The f neck larger diameter you might get a label and stick it inside the flap, “diesel fuel only” The little blue def cap is a clue too. All that said, habit is a powerful thing... I think you’ll figure it out
  7. Introduction

    Congrats! Firecracker is sharp!
  8. 2020 Bright White fleet reduction project

    Good recovery! I kind of figured is saw “job site” and knew where that was going! it’s just temporary, can’t see it from my house, and good enough for who it’s for.... in reserve if this all goes south!:CWL:
  9. 2020 Bright White fleet reduction project

    Before you go get any sheet goods... sight down gate with the cable stops, to the the 2x6... that should be 5-1-/2” actual. I think the tailgate and wheel arch need (2) 2x4 or 7” actual to line up. not sureif it lines up without a board on the wheel arch... In mine, I know it lines up to...
  10. Weathertech Mud Flaps... anyone liking these?

    I installed weather techs on my jt Willys (see thread) and they look and work good. In my opinion, these would not cover 3” outside the fender. They aren’t As big but that can be good in that they don’t stick out/ look bad.... They do a very good job on the mud terrains that come on the willys.
  11. Bad Mileage with 33" Tires

    As bad as the mpg might be, don’t forget to include the price of tires, and it’s only the difference in mpg loss that calculates.... so depending on how much you drive/difference = cost of new lighter tires...
  12. Entire Gladiator Line-X Sprayed

    What if, like a golf ball, the texture actually improves airflow... lol.
  13. Very curious about the typical forum member - why all the modifications?

    ^ this I’m a few years younger but exactly!!! My first car/truck was an 1989 s10, 2.5 manual. Loved that truck, it did everything I needed, worked through college in construction, used it to move every other semester.... I put bigger rims and tires on it then too, coopers to be exact. Fast...
  14. any eyes on the CFP tonight?

    I-O. absolutely, go bucks!
  15. Bring a boot/wheel lock for road trip?

    I’d avoid drawing attention as in, visible abnormal countermeasures like a boot might make someone think there is something valuable thus worth stealing. i do like your disconnect And hood locks, i would add some situational things, Parking to the front where there are lots of people coming and...
  16. Who else collects toy jeeps

    I wouldn’t call myself a “collector” because I/we play with them. I rarely pass up a Jeep “matchbox” (using the term generically) if I see one. we have a few of the maisato (sp?) 1:18 (i think) I collored in the grill on the red hot wheels
  17. Bed Liner in Bolt Holes

    I ran into this installing my folding cover... I have spare bolts, so i matched up the size... I was able to start them by hand at least far enough not to cross thread... then Ran them in/out a few times with my cordless impact.... then proceeded to install the kit / bolts. mine was...
  18. Very curious about the typical forum member - why all the modifications?

    Maybe it’s a Dry county? With no girls? 😜
  19. Hated my Jeep color in person. Which do I pick now?

    I have a copper brown jku, didnt like the color at first (traded a minivan, didnt care what color it was.... it wasn’t a minivan) It reminds me of nacho in that it needs the fenders and top to be black. I really like the color now, but when I see a Sahara with body color tops and fenders I...
  20. WILLYS Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Looks good! I’m trying to figure out the LED too. seems there’s a lot of 7” lights from the jk being sold with trim/fillers and some 9” (correct size) but the 9” all have the halo or a built in daylight running light which I’m not opposed to, other than it requires rewiring or a fuse tap...