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  1. California Edition Gladiator Trim

    Black dash looks to be gloss, piano black. That is a nightmare to keep looking nice. Hopefully I am wrong and it is satin or flat. How do you see the additional colors, Nacho and Sarge? I pull up the build page and only see the 50 shades of grey that we were punished with after gator and Gobi...
  2. Curiousity poll

  3. Environmental protection package?

    What everyone else said. What is that saying about a fool parting with money... because if you let them add ANYTHING during the buying process you are most certainly a fool. Undercoating, VIN etching, Simonize, Scotch Guard, the list goes on and on. Don't buy them.
  4. Delivery Dilemma

    If they have a Rubicon at the same price point but only a 2020 I would take the Rubicon. New Vehicle warranty starts at time of delivery, so 3 year 36k the same for both. Rubi has the 4.10 gears, but also has locking front and rear diff, not just the limited slip. Rubi has the LEDs you want. The...
  5. Q4 and Full-Year 2020 Gladiator Sales Numbers Reported. 77,542 Units Sold Total

    Anyone know how Q4 Gladiator compares to Colorado/Canyon, Taco, or Ranger?
  6. Did you buy a Jeep that is a truck or a truck that is a Jeep?

    I have to say I bought a truck that is a jeep. I was looking for a mid-sized truck and decided to try one on a whim. I have actually never been a fan of jeeps before, I was a bit closed minded and always thought them to be a but small, uncomfortable, and unreliable. Of course my only experience...
  7. Modify Overland or Order Mojave?

    Get the Mojave, you maintain your warranty and you get the benefit of a rear locker that you can engage in 4hi. Plus the reinforced frame and better suspension components (those external reservoir fox shocks are $1500 each if you add them later). I was contemplating the same thing you are a few...
  8. Massachusetts WTT - Looking for anyone who would be interested in trading their Steel Grey Leather (Mojave) for Mojave Cloth seats and $$

    Feeler post to see if there is anyone in the New England area, or further if willing to travel / meet halfway (I don’t really think shipping is an option here) that would be interested in trading Mojave Steel Grey Leather (w/heat) for Mojave Cloth (black w/heat). Direct swap with some cash (700...
  9. Overlander vs Mojave ride comfort at highway speed?

    I underwent this same decision back in August. I went with the Mojave for the 4.10 gears, rear locker, better suspension, and snazzier interior. With the affiliate pricing I was only a few thousand above a comparably loaded overland with the Employee Pricing promo. I am not someone who is going...
  10. Great and CHEAP accessory

    I had this same question the other day. Actually lost a bet over it, I figured there was one since “virtual lego brick of vehicles” and all. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the need for one.
  11. Any rumors for 2022 Gladiator changes?

    I look forward to the bigger key. Hopefully they will make the seats more manually operated too /s
  12. Aftermarket door pockets?

    I can say i didnt personally look for door pockets because i believe they would rub the legs, I already find myself having to bend the wires out of the way as they rub my lower left leg while i am driving. I have these. Not on the door, but on the center console...
  13. Remote start on cold weather package...seats or wheel don’t come on..

    I am seeing the same thing. It seems like the settings don't update consistently. When i first got the truck 11/2 I had it set to all starts, the seats and wheel started all the time. I went and set it to just remote start and it never seemed to work. Then I set it back to all starts, and I get...
  14. Who hasn't removed their door bolts yet, and why?

    This reads to me like you could run a set of tube doors with mirrors and still be within the letter of the law. The "door" would be "Properly attached" with "Hinge, Latch, and Handle" and "Driver Side rear view mirror affixed". I doesnt say that the doors affixed must the Original equipment...
  15. 6 Speed Manual Regrets?

    Agreed, I always thought it was a prerequisite for a GF to be able to grab hold of the stick and row through the gears. You know, to help you relax...
  16. Trails in Connecticut

    I have yet to explore with the truck, but I used to hike (20+ years ago) around these OHV trails between Sturbridge MA and Union CT. Marked as "Snowmobile trails" on google maps. This used to be the old Breakneck road. I am not sure if it still connects or its condition now.
  17. Ordering a Rubicon Soon... options I'm not sure are possible

    CarPlay and Android auto are included in all 7” and 8.4” radios. tailgate lock comes with keyless entry Ac outlet comes standard on Rubicon as it’s part of the package with the 7” radio- incl on 8.4” heated mirrors I am not sure on, you May need the cold weather package for that, heated seats...
  18. Have a Mojave with OEM wheels/tires and Rokblokz?

    sorry for the sideways pics, it’s a pain in the a$$ to upload from an iPhone. However, these are the original size on a stock Mojave. They don’t stick out and seem to fit perfectly. I think if I went any wider or longer they would look silly. But I also have no intention on lifting etc.
  19. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    its finally at the dealer. It’s been a very long 3 months (ordered 8/3) and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel tomorrow afternoon.
  20. Just Ordered? Check in HERE!

    you get a grey dash if you get brown leather seats.