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  1. Jeep Considering Off-Road Turn Assist and 4-Wheel Steering Features?

    GM also came up with this for their upcoming EV Hummer. They called it Crab walk
  2. Jeep Gladiator - Customized 2020 Launch Edition - What is it worth?

    How'd it go from 3600 miles to 15,000 miles in less than 2 months?
  3. Tread Lightly, Employee Pricing, and Friends and Family

    They probably also have a couple thousand dollars of "dealer add ons" they tack onto that advertised price. Good thing you asked for the OTD before driving out there
  4. Troubles with trail rails

    How infuriating. That dumb broken screw would keep me up at night!
  5. Dealer Installed Options

    Nitrogen air in the tires, as indicated by green caps on the stem valves. Looks like the same items the dealer in Vegas tried to sneak in, except they were charging $2,995 for the same "package." And they only brought it up after negotiating on the price. No thanks.
  6. Maybe next time, Jeep

    The affair lasted a year huh?
  7. Can we Disable the auto stop start?

    If i remember correctly, Porsche models built before 2016 had that “remember” feature. The new models, you have to diable everytime the engine starts.
  8. Anyone remove and leave off the engine cover?

    Now this seems like the most logical explanation!
  9. Anyone remove and leave off the engine cover?

    How would the dealer know this? Unless is he was a Jeep engineer, or part of the design team, I would take anything they claim with a grain of salt. Whatever he claimed is strictly his own opinion.