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  1. Delaware Stock exhaust - $1

    It’s sitting around Figured if anyone smashed theirs on the trail or anything they might want it.
  2. Mopar Aux Switch Installation

    Different purpose - Zautomotive forward camera but I used a razor knife and a piece of Rolex to get through. About 1:12 here
  3. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    planing 2021 mods / trips...... hoping we can get back to "normal" eyeing the M.O.R.E. Aluminum oil pan skid
  4. M.O.R.E Skid Plates

    eyeing the MORE oil pan skid in aluminium.
  5. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    Thanks! Thanks! Right back at ya! Great pics too.
  6. Dan Ballard Photo JT Build

    Great looking rig. Great pics!!!
  7. Leveling kits - some with and some without extension

    I did Teraflex 1.5” leveling kit and it does not have shock extensions or longer sway bar end links. At 1.5” you don’t likely “need” either. Mine drives fine. Each manufacturer packages what they think they can sell.
  8. gladiator off road capability

    The Rubicon is pretty capable out of the box. I came from a JKU Wrangler so it does feel long and the JKU felt real long compared to YJ and M38A1. Here is some video of stock performance. I’m running 37s with a 1.5” leveling kit now. Good luck!
  9. Philly Area Gladiator Owners

    I’m up for a trip if I can get off work and other conflicts.
  10. JTR Spartacus Build Journal

    Taking a holiday break. Some minor projects - Under hood light coming soon and hi lift bed rail install coming soon too. Need to rebuild Jeep fund after holiday buying emptied the reserves.
  11. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Welcome!!! OlllllllO
  12. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Welcome to the Black Gladiator obsession OlllllllO!!!
  13. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    i really wish someone would make a 37x11.50r17 tire!
  14. The seatbelt beep driving me nuts!!

    I turned mine off with Tazer.
  15. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    Gonna throw out a question. anyone able to fit a 37” Mickey Thompson AtzP3 in there on stock steel spare wheel? Seems largish compared to 37s KM3s
  16. I'm getting old.

    Curved brim and smaller rim preference here. Old too ! OlllllllO.
  17. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    OP. This sux. Hope you get it sorted out. Good luck!
  18. Who is running 37s with no lift and no rub

    1.5” leveling kit and 37s. I did not add the bump stop spacers. Just kisses flares off roading when disconnected.